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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Designer Nail wraps from Nail Rock - NAILS OF THE DAY (NOTD)

You may remember I did a post a while back on 'Nail Rock' nail wraps HERE (check it out for all the details of prices, retailers, designs, etc) 

Well I 'Nail Rocked' finally, the 2 packs I have are the White Dots on Red and Purple Leopard skin

I chose to do the purple leopard ones first and in each pack you get 24 stickers (12 toes and 12 fingers) I just did my nails for now.

The whole concept of them is easy you just buff all your nails to remove shine, place the wrap at your cuticle, with a hairdryer warm up the wrap so its mouldable and then you stick it down to your nail, add abit more heat and firmly press down for a few seconds, then you just file off the excess and you're done.

To be honest my first hand looks pretty good the second is abit blah! That is because I got bored as it took longer than I thought and I have the attention span of a fly so I started to rush them, they still turned out ok though and that isn't a reflection on the product,


I have had them on 3days and they are still going strong, so im sure they will definatley last the full 7days as Nail Rock say, (upto 8weeks on toes apparentley! YES 2 months!) 

I do want to take them off now though as im slightly bored and miss painting my nails already! These would be perfect for holidays as they are funky and cool and you don't have to worry about taking nail polishes, they also look fab for special events because of the unique designs.

I will be trying more and think they are a fab do-it-yourself at home alternative to minx nails quite a few companies such as Sally Hansen do these now aswell but I have yet to try other brands.

RRP £6.65 from selected Topshop, Bank, Lipsy, River Island, New look, Miss Selfridge, aswell as online at ASOS, Miss Guided and the Official Nail Rock site HERE
 Vikki xoxo
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  1. i thought these would be good if you couldn't be arsed to paint your nails... i too sometimes get bored... or not being able to move my hands, i always start typing or texting or something and smudge polish! they look cool

  2. Nice =)


  3. Oh yes I've seen these, I've tried a different brand and it's true you do get bored while doing it. You'd have to do it on a slow, rainy day lol.

    They look gorgeous though :o) xoxo

  4. omgeeeeee look at al that leopard they've got!!! great post doll :)))

  5. Thats so nice! I really want to try them xx


  6. I've always wanted to try these! I guess now i definitely should :)


  7. @nicola ye they're great to try no worries about your nail polish chipping aswell for a week lol xx

    @marama thanks xx

    @Miss Monroe I agree i only did them as I literally had nothing else to do LOL xx

    @maryam haha sounds like you're as obsessed by leopard as me! xx

    @lovelain thanks! you should :) xx

    @alexandra marie they're great to try and fairly cheap as you get to do your fingers and toes xx

  8. yup i'm definitely obsessed with leopard!! must be my Russian side hahaha

  9. Gorgeous! And wow, 8 weeks on toes, seriously? Amamzing!

  10. It looks perfect!


  11. These are lush! Good job girl :).

    Helen, X

  12. Stunning! I am a fan of animal print! I must check out these wraps!! xoxo

  13. Love these!!!! I just reviewed the Sally Hansen ones!!! The purple leopard is so cute on you!!! Thank you so much for putting me in your favorite blog widget! That means a lot because i really LOVE your blog!!!!

  14. i'm so bad at painting my nails and nail arting them, this seems like the perfect solution! http://openboxjewels.blogspot.com/ xx

  15. the packaging of the nail rocks is beautiful


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