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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Acessorize Trio Eye Collection

 I got these a few weeks back as they were only £1.99 on the Superdrug website and the eyeshadows usually retail seperatley at £4 each so it was a great bargain, unfortunatley they are no longer on offer but the trio pack is still available for £4.99 which is still a bargain. You can find them HERE.

They were originally  a mothers day promotion and there is 2 different collections the first one I got with green (mermaid), vibrant purple (iris) and a deep silver colour (platinum) or another pack in with smokey dark browns and a pale pink colour (shades - sage, truffle, soft pink). Unfortunatley you can't pick which ones you recieve but luckily I wasn't too fussed either way, here are the shades -

I have never tried Accessorize make up before, I have seen a few reviews of the Eye Wardrobe which is a palette of 12 (looks abit like a sleek palette) but I can only find that on ebay now and keep getting outbig Grrrr! I am very impressed though all these were swatched with one swipe and they are very silky and pigmented, the lasting power on them was good too and the colours showed up really vibrant even without primer, the packaging is cute aswell I love butterflies! I will be doing an upcoming make up look with these soon, and I will most definatley be trying out more Accessorize items, the bronzer and baked eyeshadows look amazing, and they have some fantastic nail colours.

Who else has tried Accessorize make up and whats your recommendations?

p.s the Acessorize pigments are now £1.50 from £3 on Superdrug.com now as are some of the nail colours, single eyshadows, coloured liquid liners so it's worth checking them out :)

Vikki xoxox


  1. Hey Victoria,I love these shadows and wish they sold these here in the states :)

  2. They look gorgeous - the packaging is so cute :)
    I'm going to have to go onto Superdrug and spend more of my hard earned money on make-up thanks to you hahaha! xx

  3. the colours looks great~~~can't wait to see what looks you can do with this~~~


  4. @Hekela aw maybe acessorize will go global soon!x

    @amii hahah blogs r dangerous everytime i read a new blog i have a new product i want too! Il be bankrupt soon lol x

    @jessy thanks they r pretty arent they x

  5. I've heard a lot about this brand, I don't think it's available here though. Their blushes look gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous colours! I've been seeing lots of positive reviews on Accessorize make up recently, gotta check them out! xx

  7. @Gaby they do don't they! I can only really get it online as its only in one store in my town and they dont do the full range which is rubbish! x

  8. @UrbanMermaid (cool name LOL!) im impressed for sure will be purchasing some more soon xxx

  9. those colors are to die for Vikki!!! My fave is definitely the bright green :)) do a look pleeezzzz :D


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