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Thursday, 21 July 2011

SLEEK 'Monaco' Palette thank you to the lovely Adrienne :)

I thought I would do a quick post on the Sleek Monaco palette which I got sent after being a runner up on a giveaway the lovely Adrienne was running (click to check out her fabulous blog it's a must-read!) I never ended up getting my hands on this palette myself so I was so happy to finally get it (it's been out a few weeks but I have seen it is still available on the Sleek website)

Here is a few pics and the rundown on the shades -

So there is 12 as usual a mixture of matte and shimmer/metallics, The matte shades aren't as good pigmentation as the metallic and they can be slightly chalky, BUT all the shades are so pretty -
  • Bamboo - I liked the look of this neutral shade but I could not get much payoff it's practically the same colour as me so hard to show up
  • Aquamarine - A lovely light blue
  • Midnight Garden - Deep blues like this are my fave for evening looks I think they really flatter dark eyes and are a good shade instead of black for a night time smokey eye
  • Sunset - My totally fave shade from this palette it is a lovely bronze copper colour that I think will look great with a tan
  • Washed Ashore - a light orange which will be good to use in bright/tropical make up looks
  • Magenta Madness - this is slightly chalky and not as pigmented as I thought but it is buildable and I don't have any similar magenta shades really
  • Summer Breeze - metallic turqouise I love shades like this
  • Sand Walker - another natural shade would probabaly just use this as a base though as it still is hard to show up on me
  • Kiwi Zest - another favourite a very pigmented metallic lime green, I love greens
  • Lotus Flower - again a very pigmented metallic lilac shade, I get alot of wear out of lilacs its one of them nice safe colours that flatter most eyes
  • Humming Bird - the 3rd light blue in this palette it's a metallic and my fave of the 3
  • Moors Treasure - a smokey matte burgandy purple

I overall love this and I do look forward to the limited edition palettes coming out.

I wil have some make up looks from this palette up soon :)

Vikki xoxox


  1. Oh wow, the green shows up gorgeous on your skin! I bet a bit of that with some deep plum shading in the crease of your eyes will TOTALLY make them pop! xx

  2. @amii thats a FAB idea will deffo be trying that! xxx

  3. aww you are most welcome, I found some of the shades to be a little chalky too but if you wet them and use them as coloured eyeliners they work amazingly :) xxx

  4. oh i do love those sleek Palettes they are fab and keep doing lots of posts i love reading them hun :) x

  5. @adrienne i can't wait to try that shall be doing it tomorrow! xxx

    and @ barbie dolly me too they're great arent they and aw thanks hun glad you like! xxx

  6. love all the colors, they look beautiful ♥


  7. Loving the pink, green and orange!


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