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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Emily's Guest Post - Long Live Sienna Miller/Boho Style

Hi guys, before I start I just wanted to write an intro to this post, this post is a guest post on behalf of Emily, you can find her Fashion/Style blog site 'Webzone One' here - www.webzone1.co.uk

So here is Emilys fantastic post on the lovely Sienna Millers amazing style -

''The floaty, relaxed boho look of the 60' and 70's is being spotted everywhere again on the catwalks this summer. Sienna Miller is of course well known for taking the lead in this style. Large hats, long, maxi cocktail dresses, long boots and finally that wavy hair that can be achieved so easily. Colours that we often see her in are summery blues and greens, easy to wear and not too fussy. Other elements also are put into the mix, as the look combines everything from hippy, gypsy and vintage. What is so appealing about this style is what a beautiful outfit you can achieve by simply having a low budget. Accessories are easily added and can even be home made. Sienna is always seen in floaty tops and large hats. This evens out an outfit and gives balance to the upper half.

Sienna Boho
If short floaty dresses are too much hassle and to carry the look on through to the summer, then you can give the outfit and modern twist and wear leggings and a long knitted cardigan and chunky accessories. To give the look a more subtle edge, wear a plain black dress with a bright coloured scarf, an easy evening outfit. Just add wooden shoes and gold bangles to complete the look. The key thing about this look is to be elegant and relaxed at the same time. Do not over do an outfit...in particular do not wear too many colours, unless you really do want to look like a hippy! Balance out a colourful top with suede shorts, or wear a long maxi skirt with a plain vest top, then add the gold earrings and bangles.
I always see Sienna in barely there makeup, although, this look goes very well with a tan and bronzer! To achieve a fresh faced look, use a soft brown colour on the eyes and minimal amounts of mascara. Eyeliner should be kept to going out. This look is so easy to wear, even the fashion shy can covert it in someway. If it's good enough for Sienna then it is good enough for us!''

Thank you for the guest post Emily be sure to check out her website everyone hope you enjoyed this first feature guest post I will be doing more in the future so don't hesitate to email me if you want to write something :)

Vikki xoxo

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