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Monday, 18 July 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks 'Power' and 'Tea Rose' REVIEW

So todays post is on NYX round lipsticks this is my first time trying these as they are hard to get hold of in the UK, But I finally managed it :)

I got a few but sold 3 I didn't like on EBay (Pumpkin Pie, Twist, Doll) then I kept 2 which were 'Power' and 'Tea Rose' 

Power is a Lilac shade and Tea Rose is a Pinky Coral Rose type of shade, both have no frost/shimmer/glitter or anything in them which I LOVE as me and frosty lipsticks do not get on.

They are both extremley pigmented, the swatches I did were just in one swipe, the intensity really is amazing, I do wish the UK would stock the full NYX range as the high quality and low prices are fantastic,
Read the reviews of Power HERE and Tea Rose HERE (MakeUpAlley) you can also see different pics/dupes and swatches there also.

These are both creamy to apply but have a matte finish and you really only need one coat of these I think Power will look best on mid-tan skin tones and for a lot of people Tea Rose will be a MLBB (my lips but better) type shade. They aren't particularly drying but do make sure you're lips aren't dry to begin with because believe me these baby's will highlight it ALL!

I'm glad I got to try some finally but the shade I did really want was Louisiana a gorgeous neon pink but I couldn't get hold of it.....(well I thought I had then in my order they had sold out since then and so sent 'Twist' as replacement which was the most awful shimmery frosty orange brown ever BLEURGH)

Here's a few pics of them first up is Power and then Tea Rose I took about 50 pics and I still couldn't get that many different decent ones but hey ho thats life LOL!

What other NYX lipstick recommendations should I try?

Vikki xoxox


  1. They're both gorgeous and look great on you :) I think I prefer the second one but either look gorge on you :) love how creamy they are!


  2. Looking good! Black Cherry and Louisiana are two of my faves!

  3. I've always wanted to try out tea rose but was never sure it would suit me... I prefer buying lipstick from shops so I can swatch first!

    Both colours look fab on you x

  4. great swatches...i luv tea rose...cuz the colour is more natural and suitable for most make up look, but i amn loving POWer~~~its hard to find a light lilac colour


  5. I love the tea-rose one, especially its name! It sounds so cute!


  6. @sarah/fashion is my h20 - thanks hun I like tea rose best too its more wearable

    @jinz yep louisiana is lush will have to check out black cherry

    @sami thanks hun, it's quite a nice but safe shade so think it would suit you! But i know what you mean i love to swatch first, have a google around then you can see different pics and colours of swatches thats what i do :)

    @jessy yep i dont wear power as much it can be abit over the top but its nice to try as i didn't have a lilac shade in my collection

    @dolly daydream yep i agree it is cute!

    Thanks for all the comments guys xxxx

  7. i really liked both of the colors.. but if i had to chose id go for tea rose :)

  8. Tea Rose looks really lovely, so natural. My favourite ones from NYX are Paris and Fig (which is a great dupe for MAC Chatterbox).


  9. i always have problem taking good pics too!
    tea rose looks pretty, likey!


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