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Thursday, 28 July 2011

2 New Products from BeautyUK - Lip Lust & Pearl Eyeliner

I just this morning recieved 2 BeautyUK products from their new range (Thank you to Viki @ BeautyUK for sending me these) and literally had to share! I love BeautyUK it is so affordable and has fantatic quality products (as well as not testing on animals which is always gets companies in my good books!). I have an eyeshadow palette and some of their nail polishes already all of which I can't say a bad word about. The 2 new products I have are the Lip Lust in 'Moulin Rouge' and Pearl Eyeliner in 'Eclipse'.

Moulin Rouge is a lovely red, I saw it had some shimmer/glitter in which I don't normally go for in lip colours but on the lips it didn't show up in a bad way it just made the shine more extreme and dazzling so I loved tha, I so find some shades of red hard to wear but this was a beautiful shade that will look amazing in autumn/winter, The Lip Lusts are pigmented, slightly scented lip glosses (with either Mint, Papaya or Strawberry depending on shade) but its not overpowering at all,  I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting these to be quite heavy but they were amazingly light and the best bit? Not one bit of stickiness! I hate sticky lipgloss with a passion and these feel moistourising whilst delivering a really bold colour and a small amount goes far, 

They are in a squeeze tube and have a soft applicator which makes them really easy to apply, 

There is 11 shades alltogether - Barbie Girl, Cocktail, Date Night, Diamond, Envy, Office Chic, Oh Baby, Playboy, St Tropez, Sweet Sixteen I am lusting after 'Envy' which is a rich berry, 'Oh baby' which is a baby pink and 'Cocktail' which is a coral, just added them to my mental shopping list! These are also a bargain price of £2.99! You can check them all out HERE. My verdict is - I am really impressed, I don't wear gloss that much these days but these will definatley be changing that, I cannot wait to try some more and the lasting power by the way is also fantastic, I reapplied once or twice in the day that was just because I liked the feel of them so much.  

Next is the Pearl Eyeliner, I love eyeliners and when I used to work in Internacionale when I was at college about 3-4yrs back the BeautyUK glitter eyeliners used to sell so well and I loved them for glamming up on a night out but I hadn't tried none of their other eyeliner, They have just brought out the Pearl ones, these aren't glittery but they are pearlescent and more metallic, These retail for £3.49. 'Eclipse' is a deep midnight blue there is 7 other shades - Stardust, Sphinx, Purple Haze, Sorceress, Rich Mahgany, Blue Lagoon and Oceania. You can check these out HERE. I think 'Sphinx' which is a gold copper, 'Sorceress' which is a deep purple and 'Oceania' which is a turqouise would suit my eye colour so they are also on that mental shopping list LOL (Love the cheap prices of BeautyUK otherwise i'd be bankrupt at this rate!)

The applicator is a sturdy point and not a flimsy brush unlike some I hate that as I find it so much easier to work with when it's a thicker tip aswell, Eclipse wasn't super pigmented so I had to apply 2 coats and you do need to let it dry inbetween coats but this isn't a problem as such, I will definatley recommend and be trying more colours these will look fantastic on an evening, and something usual from the plain black eyeliner I usually wear.

I am now also dribbling over the baked eyeshadows and blushes they have released, by the way you can check out the new line of stuff HERE

 You can buy BeautyUK directly online (they ship international), aswell as in Superdrug/Internacionale/Select stores. Also don't forget to follow them on twitter @beautyUKtweets

What other BeautyUK products do you girls recommend?
Vikki xoxox

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disclaimer-I was sent these products free of charge for promotional/review purposes but have not been paid for this review and I will always give an honest opinion no matter what, if I don't like it will say and if I do I will say regardless.


  1. Ive got a couple of the Lip lusts, i was really impressed with them... What other products have u tried from BeautyUk?? Apart from the pearl eyeliner, hehe.

    Maria xxx

  2. Lovely orange-ish red. I LOVE IT =D

  3. @Maria I agree they're fab aren't they, I have tried there eyeshadow palettes which are great and also nail polishes which I love too, I think I actually had a blush I liked aswell but that was from years ago so cant remember which it was.

    @Shang J and @Little petite thanks girls!


  4. love that eyeliner!!! So bold!!!

    would love if you visited again!

  5. Both seem really nice!
    Nice blog!


  6. that eye liner is amazing and the packaging is sooo cute!!!

  7. I love that lipgloss, its such a gorgeous colour :)

  8. @bree yep i definatley love bold liner for summer

    @hedda following you now

    @maryam i agree cant wait to try more!

    @charlotte me too! :)


  9. OOOOO that is a lovely lip gloss! Moulin Rouge! such a sexy name for a sexy color. Thats interesting that its not too heavy and can be pigmented. most reds are thick on the lips.

  10. @hershleys sweet kiss I agree it is a fab name, and yep hopefully the rest will be as pigmented as the texture is fab xxx

  11. wow eyeliner looks so great on you! I have such small eyes that its hard for me to do thick lines like that... Thanks for the reviews ;-)

  12. lovely! great post!


  13. That eye gel liner is a great dark grey shade...I like.


  14. Thanks for the review and for sharing! So informative!! :) You are gorgeous!


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