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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Modelling/Make Up

Today I have spent sooooooooo long going through hundreds of new images I just got from a shoot I did a few weekends ago loving the images but it is such a long process anyway I though I'd post a few up as I did all the make up my self and its mostly the same products and similar looks I tend to show on my blog it's just my camera never picks up that well and obviously with this been a professional camera you can actually see the make up! Obviously it's nothing special or out there but it is my 'look' really as I don't generally change my make up for pictures compared to if im just going out or whatever I usually just wear abit more converage and maybe everything abit heavier, Sooooo these are all from that same shoot the full list of products I used is after the photos! :)

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation - 'Shade 200'
  • Collection 2000 face powder - 'Medium'
  • Sunshimmer bronzer - 'Medium Matte'
  • Collection 2000 blush - 'Trouble'
  • Benefit IT stick
  • Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil - black/brown

  • Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer
  • Maybelline mono shadow - 'Golden Sand' All over eye
  • Rimmel Glam eyes 'Precious Rose' to highlight
  • Rimmel eyeshadow - 'Dusk'
  • Collection 2000 black felt tip 24hr liner
  • Barry M kohl black pencil for waterline
  • Black Models Own mascara

  • Rimmel 1000 kisses lipliner 'Tiramisu'
  • MUA lipstick shade 12
  • Rimmel 'Birthday suit' over the top of the MUA one

  • MUA nail polish shade 12 
These aren't edited shots or anything they are just a few of the general images, you can see a couple more modelling pics in the 'About me' page of my blog HERE or feel free to add me on facebook to see my photo albums HERE or there is a facebook profile badge at the sidebar you can click to take you straight to my profile

 Vikki xoxoxo


  1. You look awesome!! So pretty =)

  2. these look great! your so pretty!

  3. Great photos!


  4. Sorry posted the wrong link earlier.


  5. Wow you are pretty! Nice shots! :)

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  6. Nice makeup, you have lovely eyes. :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. So pretty Vikki, love the eyeliner in these pics, gonna have to get some x x x

  8. Just found your blog :D I love the nail polish :)btw I'm a new follower


  9. The make up is very pretty so are your pictures


  10. thank you to everyone for the lovely comments much appreciated *hugs* xxx

  11. Lookink Grate Viki-Doll :-)

  12. you look stunning your hair is gorgeous and I love that last pic of you ! x

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  14. thanks for all the comments you gorgeous ladies and thanks for the new follow andrea! x

  15. Great pictures! Your blog is pretty cool. I follow you!! :)

  16. awww i <3 how u do your makeup~ Your so pretty


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