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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

SLEEK Avoir la peche

(Please note all images are courtesy of google by the way, I looked today and these products weren't yet in Superdrug so im guessing maybe tomorrow but I have seen swatches of them on a few blogs so maybe they are in certain bigger stores)

Anyhoo here we have a new sleek collection 'Avoir La Peche' (Peche is peach in french and coral/orange/peaches are spring/summers hottest colours) It feautures a 12 eyeshadow pallette, a Pout Polish and a blush.

Blush £4.29 (Pan-Tao)
Pout Polish £4.29 (Sugar May)
i-DIVINE palette £6.49

The eyeshadow pallette I don't think I will be buying orange shade shadows and the colours in this are just not that wearable in my opinion, don't get me wrong its pretty to look at but from a makeup point of view I wouldn't use it pretty or not! I still actually want to try the primer pallette from Sleek I don't know why I haven't yet im just torn but the reviews LOL.

The blush looks very orange and btw this launches around March 16th for about 4 weeks as its all limited edition as I said they didn't have it in my local superdrug yet but did have testers of all 3 items and the promo materials ready for it, now the blush looks orange, very orange, BUT when swatched it was quite a light finish it's not highly pigmented so I can imagine it to be quite flattering and not as OTT as it does initially look,

My fave item has to be the Pout Polish now I love these as it is, but this one is a really light caramely burnt orange colour I freaking LOOOOOVE it, can't wait to buy that & as summer approaches it has a SPF15 which we all know is VERY necessary! The pout polish also has Jojoba, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oil which will work FAB in summer for moistourising and keeping lips soft.

I remember when Sleek Pallettes were £4.99 *sigh* Some say the RRP of this is £6.99 but im so sure the promo material in superdrug said £6.49. Ah well, it also should be available on Sleeks website soon but I couldn't see it on there just yet!

So that just leaves the question on who likes this? and whos buying what? Just the pout polish for me....maybe the blush at a push once I have a 2nd swatch

Vikki xoxoxo


  1. such a great post!
    i really like those peachy colors! i should get someee


  2. I love the eyeshadow palette, not sure I'd pull off the colours though!
    But I'd still probably buy it as the colours are really pretty :)

    Ive been wanting to try the pout polish and I always say to myself I'll buy it the next time that I'm out and about but then I end up forgetting because I'm running around after little Rayan now that he knows how to walk! Lol

    Malisha x

  3. Yep I know what you mean but I have seen people use eyeshadows as blushes especially from the good girl pallette cos the pinks in that weren't really very wearable either so I suppose that might be a idea

    ad you should try them hun theyre so nice I have pink cadillac and it smells so nice and they feel great as theyre not as heavy as lipgloss, and aww bless how cute he will keep you fit LOL x

  4. I want all of them so ridonkulously badly! And fragrance direct is the shit! I discovered them last year but i've still never ordered anything, cheap smells were alright but they messed up on the prices now...all the cheap stila is gone :[

    how you been gorgeous? hugs xxx

  5. I know I just wish I had a never ending bank account to buy all the make up I wanted and yep I heard about cheap smells but I went on there and wasn't that impressed with the stuff as the prices weren't that much cheaper in my opinion, fragrance direct only charge £2 per delievery and take 2days so its abit of a bargain the only problem is they don't change stock that much, at one point they had bourjois make up brushes in for like 99p each and god knows why I never bought any now they're all gone!

    I always do stuff like that and kick myself later *Grrrrrr* LOL

    anyway yep im good thank u! how u keeping? xxxx

  6. I'm really loving that blush, it's such a gorgeous peach colour. Sleek is so hard to find here in AU so I doubt I'll get a chance to get this collection. Jealous.

  7. Aw I thought sleek shipped worldwide thats crap! you should look on ebay after its come out xx

  8. Love the new profile layout & the eyeshadow colors are georgous :-)

  9. thanks DeJhanee i was in two minds over the new layout but then the other one i liked but couldn't be 100% happy with it for some reason lol this will do for now haha

    hope you're ok xx

  10. Cute blog, sleek palette is mesmerizing hehe :))


  11. Hey girl do these products ship to the U.S? i want one! cute blog btw :)


  12. hey Im not sure there site is www.sleekmakeup.com xx


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