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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Ok so my facebook account has been randomly disabled *sigh* this happened to my old one I had for years like a year ago and I lost everyone then I made this one in April last year and just under a year later it has the same fate!

Last time I got no warning at all and because I didn't have access to the email account I registered it with I couldn't get it back, this time I got a few photo warnings

NOW can I just point out facebook photo warnings are meant to be for violating the rules with pics of NUDITY/OBSCENITY/ basically offensive stuff now I don't understand this as I certainly would hardly have naked images or explicit images on facebook and I am the most inoffensive person ever, now with models and photographers a common occurence is they get accounts deleted and photo warnings quite alot due to facebook seemingly seeing PROFESSIONAL lingerie/bikini images as offensive! As when people have these images up if they're on holiday inn a bikini they don't get deleted why should I just because mine are professional images? Nowhere in the terms/conditions does it say anything about certain images just nudity/obscentiy and seriously in 2011 is bikini wear NUDITY or OBSCENITY? Hell no.

A main reason why you get these warning is because someone has clicked on the report button so one of my 'friends' has clearly reported 8 of my pictures (like i said I dont even have ONE naked/obscene/offensive image never mind EIGHT!) and subsequetley my account has gone!

When this happened last time I won't lie I found the person dealing with my emails really rude, one of them 'Our-answer-is-final' type of people and they wouldn't explain or listen as to why their rules and the deleting of my account made no sense whatsoever so im dreading having to email them again to try get this account back, I have nearly 1500 friends alot mainly contacts such as photographers, so if I have to start again I will lose a big proportion as my memory isn't freakin magic!

I am soooooooooooooo annoyed that someone would have had to be on my friends list to obviously report my pics as otherwise you can't see them I mean WTF who is sad/pathetic/hateful enough to do that!

All I have to say is what goes around comes aroud......you do bad things > u give off bad energy > it comes back 10x on you

So if that person happens to ever check my blog I hope they see and realise that!

Anywaaaaaaaaaay went to see about a HD camcorder today so I can start filming proper youtube vids instead of just tryna use my computer and webcam which to be fair is a good quality expensive one but never the less when recording its still clearly a webcam and just makes filming difficult, so the one I got isn't anything majorly fancy or special its a 'Flip Ultra HD' I have seen lots of demos of this and heard so many reviews and seen other youtubers use it so im really looking forward to getting started with it! You will have to bear with me as I have a busy week so prob won't get to play until the weekend

Anywaaaaaaay the point of this ridic long post it to basically say to any followers who have me on facebook I haven't deleted you or anything fingers crossed I will be back on the same account I will let you know and in the meantime TWITTER ME

Hope everyone has a fab week. Much love

Vikki xoxo

EDIT: im back now they thankfully reactivated me add me at: http://www.facebook.com/vikkiholt89


  1. I was wondering where you'd got to?! Lol

    Ahhhh that's messed up, ur pics were all professional and UNoffensive
    Whoever flagged ur pics clearly is stupid and jealous..

    Hope to see u bk on FB soon

    Malisha x

  2. I know its sooooo dumb, fbook haven't even replied to me yet, its ridiculous if its not back by next week il make another & re-add u xxx

  3. I had that happen to me about 2 years ago!!! I sent Facebook and polite email informing them that they made a mistake and they turned my account back on a couple weeks later. I would give it a shot!!

    Check out my blog :)

  4. thanks im back on now thankfully :)

    thanks for the comment & love ur blog just followed x


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