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Friday, 11 March 2011

REVIEW: Benefit Lemon Aid Primer/Concealer

So I recentley purchased this Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer as I wanted a primer and I should have just got UDPP or the Too Faced shadow insurance but no I got this LOL. The packaging says colour correcting eyelid primer

So this basically is a lemon/yellow (clues in the name LOL) cream, its not a soft cream though it is quite hard to get some product on your finger and it is meant to be a cross between a eye concealer and primer

It comes in a cute yellow square box like the pic above and when you take it out its a circle small compact including a mirror which is quite handy like this -
The reviews I have read seem to have RAVED about this being fab for concealing under eye dark circles instead of actually being a good decent primer/eyeshadow base, now I don't have dark circles under my eyes at the moment so cant really test this on that point of view but as I sometimes my eyes can be abit red or darker than the rest of my skin on the lids it is really good for even-ing them out and giving a blank canvas, I've found alot of mixed/asian skin has this problem around the eyes, and because I do have an olive skin with yellow-y undertones so the fact this is lemon probabaly works in favor for me whereas im not sure if lighter and darker skins how this would look, you can see the colour on my finger slightly here -
It says on the back of the box 'Wake up your eyelids with this warm yellow correcting cream. It helps to hide redness and discolouration on your eyelids, In a snap, eyes look refreshed, frisky and ready for fun' and it does say to pat on with fingers and blend which is what I did as I do think a brush would be hard to apply it with

You can wear it alone but the problem is it does tend to crease and can look a slightly odd colour if not worn with eyeshadow over, plus if you have time to put this on you would have time to apply an eyeshadow.

Overall I like it for how it does give eyes a even clean finish and does do what it says in regards to the hiding redness but because like I said it does crease as a primer it is abit pointless, and most people actually have to use a primer under this which seems abit pointless, I want to try the Benefit Bo-ing instead as thats meant to be abit concealer in general and now i'm still going to have to get another goddamn primer grrrrrr!!!

I wouldn't buy this again because the RRP ranges from £16, £16.50 and £16.85 which I think is quite expensive for a product that just covers some redness, my W7 concealer pallette that was like £3 does a similar job LOL but I am going to try it when I get some dark circles and if by some chance it becomes a miracle worker I might just change my mind but I doubt it (and for the record its the most expensive at Boots and cheapest at House of Fraser, it can also be bought at Debenhams and ASOS)

So to end this is me above wearing it, sorry it's not clear and to be honest I look this way everyday so no major difference I thought i'd just throw this in the products i'm wearing apart from this as i've just told you that LOL are:

 Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hrs foundation (with built in primer) (201 classic beige) 
Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzing Powder Compact (Medium Matte)
Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush (Lilas D'Or)

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (Black/Brown)
Maybelline Mono Eyeshadow (Golden Sand)
Medium brown shades from Manly 120 pallette (available to buy on ebay just search manly 120 pallette)
Revlon ColorStay eyeshadow used as a liner (99 charcoal)
L'oreal Telescopic clean definition mascara (Black)

Rimmel exaggerate Lipliner (East end snob)
MUA lipstick (shade 11)
L'oreal Glam shine lipgloss (102 always pink - MY FAVE ONE ever!)

P.S I finally got a copy of GLAMOUR mag with the free clinique gift! Travelled everyone they all seemed to have the facial products all I wanted was the lipstick I have pretty much the rest of the stuff and im not cliniques biggest fan or anything!

Anyway its Fridaaaaaay woo have a great weekend xoxoxo


  1. Thanks for your honest review Vikki, and you look gorgeous in that photo. I love the lip combo you've got going.


  2. thank you for your honest review! i have been wondering what the hype was with this product for a while now. glad i read this♥

  3. THank you for this review... I was wondering how this did as a primer...now I'm staying away...lol..thanks doll ;-)

  4. Your welcome! It is quite pointless the more i use it the more i realise lol, I might aswell just be putting a light coverage yellow colour concealer on my eyes, now I will be wise and try UDPP lol x

  5. Thank you for review, I was thinking about to buy it, now I won't:)

    Ps. Great blog!

  6. so nice ! ;>



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