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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring Trend: Green Eyeshadow

Green eyeshadow is a trend i'm loving at the moment and its perfect for spring/summer, alot of people seem quite wary of green as its one of them colours that can go wrong but I actually think it's pretty versatile.

In my opinion I think lighter greens and limes look fantastic on blonde hair/light eyes, whereas on dark hair/brown eyes and particularly olive skins more turquoisey or olive toned deep greens look best
As you can see from this picture above the blondes keep the look more neutral whereas on Thandie Newtons olive skin and dark hair the darker green pops alot more,

Then really dramatic looks can be created with greens but it is quite daring and I think something that is abit hit or miss depending on how good you are at make-up and blending, Im not the best at really dramatic looks as i'm trying to master blending skills and practise so I wouldn't go for a look like this myself as I would probabaly end up looking like a clown LOL! But in the pic above Chanel Iman looks stunning,

The one tip I would say it to team greens with fairly neutral lips, and stick with 'Earthy shades' for the rest of your make up (browny/gold blushes/highligher and as an alternative to black with this look even a brown mascara works well)

If the whole green trend isn't for you why not try a funky look using just green eyeliner, I think on nights out this would look fab and very eyecatching, Leona Lewis' green liner look on the red carpet below is stunning, this also means you can wear more colour on the lips as you haven't made the eyes too much of a main feauture, I love the coral lip colour  Leona is wearing,

So will you be trying out the green for spring or are you already a fan?
With dark eyes and hair I have often wore greens, the look I have below which isn't that clear unfortunatley I created using just the green's from the Sleek's ORIGINAL pallette the 2 greens (6th and 12th colours) are my faves of all time and this pallette is also my must have the colours/pigmentation are beautiful and I could use this everyday


For some reason my look is looking abit on the blue side but in real life it was definatley green LOL....I used a liquid liner over and peach blush (Bourjois little blush pots - Lilas D'or) and then used a Barry M baby pink gloss for a neutral look I can't find the lipgloss now for the exact shade but any baby pink/beige neutral shade would world.
Please note the celebrity pictures and the Sleek pallette are from Google images

Vikki xoxox


  1. awesome colors! green one is my favourite love the blending :) im your new follower check out my blog as well


  2. SOOOO jealous of anyone who has their hands on a SLEEK palette! Love green eyeshadows and you look great in your FOTD!

  3. Hey Doll looking great like always...love the post I especially love the green shadow Victoria Secrect Model is waring....If only I could remember her name

  4. @Honey B thank you!! xxx

    and @DeJhanee thanks is it Chanel Iman you're on about? xx


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