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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Musical LOVES! Marsha Ambrosius....Dondria....J.Cole.....Drake.....etc

This Lauryn Hill cover by Marsha ambrosius I can't take off repeat, I very much recommend going to cop her album, i've got goosebumps!

And I am loving Dondria (shoutout to Malisha for recommending) love this track especially that samples 50cents 21 questions

We all know what a J-Lo stalker I am LOL I heart her too much and heard her new album loving this, 'Louboutins' and 'Starting over'

I love K.Michelle this is the latest single I cant wait for her 'pain medicine' album shes mentored by R.Kelly which says it all as hes someone else I love.

Had to put an older song up by K.Michelle too she reminds me of an early Keyshia Cole

J.Cole & Drake - In the morning finally got a song with a actual official video for you LOL am loving these two on this

Miguel I first heard on J.Cole's All I want is you and then downloaded his album and its really cool, this it the newest single from what I know

Hope you liked!


  1. Cant wait for K michelles album to drop, have a feeling it's gonna be hot!

    Ohhh btw Have u got dondrias mixtape? I think it's called duets.. Can't remember the name but it's really good!

    I only like 2 tracks off miguels album - all I want is u and the other track that sounds similar to it.

  2. Ye I've got k.michelles 2 mixtapes the one that was released to go with that film called ''for colored girls'' and the other I think it's called 'whats the 901' I love them both her voice is fab

    and ooh no I'll have to look for that dondria one, the best tracks on the miguel album I think are this one i posted, 'all I want is you', 'vixen' and 'girls like you' they'll all be on youtube for you to listen to xxx


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