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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ramblings.....blah blah LOL :)

I've been absent for a few days in case you didn't notice LOL as I have abit of 'bloggers block' and really don't know what to blog about alately, I haven't been buying as much make up as I have been staying away from town and then my usual fave online outlets haven't had anything in thats caught my eye BUUUUT I have bought one thing online which is an eye primer and should be arriving in the next few days so im going to do a full review then as I haven't seen no other blogger mention this one (So no its not UDPP or the Too faced one if thats a little clue hahah)

One thing I am looking for is a new eyebrow definer I use the Rimmel Pro pencil at the moment but just testing the water on other ones even though I do like that im just getting bored so send the suggestions!

I picked up some MUA stuff well a eye pigment that was quite nice number 6 a plum smokey colour which was quite pigmented too so for £1 I recommend that unfortunatley because im silly I can't find it to photograph and some glitter eyeliners on my hand I tested them all apart from the black liner which was just their standard black liquid liner that looked so watery and crap, The liquid eyeliners have a really faffy cheap bendy nib that I do not like AT ALL! and you can see the purple and silver barely show up I have tried my best to do an eye look with them and failed soooooo bad they are in one word: SH!T :) The only one that looks like it might be decent is the turqouse one, I dont know if you can see but between the purple and silver line on my hand I tried a navy blue one and look how pointless that was! As far as glitter eyeliners I wasn't a fan anyway but thought i'd give them a go, I did used to use the BeautyUK ones when I was younger and they were ok and cheap too so if you want a glitter fix I recommend them or Barry M. Im just giving up!

Soooo not a very productive month! One thing I got that I am loving is this marily Monroe Vest which has a diamante 'M'  on and Marilyn looking as beautiful as ever from Primark a bargain £8 my mum bought me I love the pinky nude colour too lovely for summer and I also got a standard denim jacket just to wear now it's coming summer think it was £16-ish as the UK has them awkward days most of summer, like its too warm to wear a proper coat but too cold for none so a denim jacket is ideal and on colder days I can layer it up)

I am going to start doing some OOTD posts soon as I never do and haven't done a NOTD post in soooo long but to give myself credit I did do my top nail polishes video (check it out futher down my blog or at my youtbue channel www.youtube.com/vikkigabrielle if you want to know my 10 faves) Im wearing an old fave at the moment Sleek Nailed in 'Bare' a gorgeous nude

A thing I have spent some money on this month is VITAMINS! im on a vitamin hype at the moment, don't ask why, so I have 5diff ones im currentley taking and hopefully I might see a general improvement in my whole 'being' soon! Usually I take them for like a month and then get bored so lets see how long this lasts as I don't do routine but my nails are looking abit crap so it might hopefully improve them and Im lucky my skin is actually behaving and as been spot free for aaaaaaaages now, what vitamins are all you ladies on I hope im taking the right ones LOL!? :-s

Soooo as im making pancakes today (2days after pancake day im such a rebel!) and this could go terrible wrong e.g house burns down as I have never made pancakes myself and I am abi of a novice in the kitchen! So i'll be back soon hopefully with my house still here and with my eye primer review :)

P.S I have just started watching The Bad Girls Club and omg what DRAMA! who else watches it whos your fave? If you can have a favourite out of all them crazy girls haha

Vikki xoxox


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