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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Does where you live in the world determine your fave lipcolour LOL?!

According to Cosmopolitan magazine 'Where you live could determine your favourite shade' says Estee Lauder's creative make up director Tom Pecheux.....

UK - We apparentley love rosy shades
Americans - Love their nudes
Italians - Adore browny-orange shades
French - love their red colours
Germans - have a love for frosty pinks
Japanese - Love sheer pinks and lavenders

I know this is only 6 nationalities but hey ho blame Cosmopolitan magazine.......At first i was like pssssssshhhh stereotypical much but then I had a look through some my photos and turns out I am really fond of rosy shades haha! how weird...I have a Revlon Colorstay lipcolour I love but I cant tell you the shade as it has wore off *useless* lol, Im not taking this serious as obviously different ethnicities will suit different shades and different personalities will prefer different shades but god knows where they did their research, I proved im just a stereotype ha ha ha

I blummin deffo need to do a lipstick haul....Which for the record I am needing MAC's 'Impassioned' (gorgeous watermelon shade) 'Candy Yum Yum' (bright pink from the new collection) 'Girl About Town' (lovely purple toned fuschia) and 'Angel' (fab light nudey colour)......maybe 'Ruby Woo' (a fiery red) too.

Think I shall do another lipstick based post tomorrow so look out for that as im abit obsessive at the moment lol and my GIVEAWAY has closed I know I was meant to announce the winner the 1st but its been a hectic weekend soooooooo bear with me...I should probabaly do it now.....Il announce it with my new post tomorrow!

Vikki xoxo


  1. How interesting. Too bad they didn't list more countries

  2. Theres no Canada, lame! Neat post though lol funny!

  3. @emily and @kat I Know! So silly of them to just list a few like no-one else in the world wears lipstick LOL! Ahh well! xxx

  4. so true about the French, Americans and Japanese... I love all colors, but I gotta say that nude is super trendy in the US :)) Great post!!


  5. Yep I can imagine especially with it been KimK's signature kind of look and her been so popular

    The red lips for the french add up too as they're so chic and red lips are very sophisticated! xxx

  6. How cool! :) Too bad they didn't list more countries, I'd love to know about mine (Greece) :) x

  7. @stavroula I know its disapointing theres only a few!

  8. Oh if only there were more countries.
    Very interesting post!
    PS... I also NEED Impassioned lipstick!

  9. @laiqah its gorgeous isnt it i dont have a mac in my town which is so crap so keep wondering if to order it online or wait until i next visit the next town! x

  10. LOL! Having lived in the UK, the US, and in Asia, I do think there is some truth to these sterotypes...Perhaps it's just a market preference? I do notice here that Asian girls do have a much stronger preference for lighter lip colours, and it's rare for a dark lip colour to be a best-selling colour. But I guess in this case, I should really be a Brit since I love rosy lip colours the best!

  11. I'm definatly a nude girl! this is right on my part! What a great blog! You are so inspirational! If you could check out my blog and let me know your opinions I would really appreciate it!

    Follow me?


  12. hahah really interesting and really inspiring blog too..I follow you now and I hope you follow me back . Wait for you at

  13. This is a really intersting post- i think you could possibly even break it down further state by state here in the US! I know us California girls love our pinks! :)

  14. I wonder what Australia is...

    I love your blog and I'm following it pubicly and I would love it if you could follow me back pubicly. jaciwalker.blogspot.com


  15. don't like very much orange... don't know about browny... is nude brown?
    I guess one could say that if you are english and have a cold undertoone rosey are best for you...
    if you are mediterranean maybe warmer colors... don't think it's the natianality though!

  16. What a interesting information;D

  17. i would love to see a lipstick post! and i must say, i live in america and i do enjoy nude lips so maybe it's right. :)


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