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Thursday, 31 March 2011

FREE Lipgloss in COSMOPOLITAN MAG plus a few random NOTDs.....with a HOTD (hair of the day!)

So to start off firstly I bought Cosmo today as it was £3.50 (UK) and had a free Missguided lipsplash in worth £5 I love Cosmo mag anyway as most girls do lol so this was a bonus,they previously have given away Missguided nail colours which I loved so was excited for this, they were doing it in 3 colours, Caramel the nude colour I got, Chill Red a vibrant looking red and a Clear, I have so many reds right now and really thought clear was quite pointless as I have clear gloss and theres only one shade of clear right?! LOL so opted for nude, plus the other half was in the supermarket with me and he gets annoyed at my indecisiveness so I was hurrying! 

Anyway all in all the Caramel one is abit pointless it goes on practically invisible although it does feel nice, really soft and non sticky and smells divine, if you're after a subtle hint then maybe you will dig it, im thinking maybe I should of got the Chill Red as it may have been more intensley pigmented but I dont think so for some reason, They are available HERE at £5 or 4 for £12 (the 3 i mentioned and an additional watermelon shade) I have also seen alot of these knocking around on ebay now for a couple of quid BUUT if you're in the UK you might aswell get the mag it's available for another week I think, anddddd beyonces on the cover WOOO :-)

Next up a HOTD (hair of the day) a style im sure you all know as I've mentioned it before but I am loooooooving as it is so simple and easy to do the 'Top Bun' I usually wear this messy but for the first time wanted it more structured as I had a girlie feathery top on and thought it would look quite cool ballet style I did pull a few strands out to relax it a little though,

I do recommend using a 'hair doughnut' to give the bun more oooomph and to structure it as my hair is quite long as its halfway down my back and fairly thick and on its own when I do a bun it's still quite a small crappy one LOL so yep you can pick these up for under £5 in superdrug/bodycare/wikinsons even pharmacies, My top which im in love with right now is from Primark its a light grey which I love for spring and has these cute fluffy/feathery shoulders they also had it in a pinky colour and it was around £6, 
 I teamed it with darker slate colour leggings and ugg boots with a denim jacket as it was quite cold today and rainy and also used my favourite flesh coloured bag at the moment which again is primark and was around £9
Next because I haven't done any in a while some random NOTD's I have been rocking the past weeks, first is the Revlon Rock one which I mentioned in my latest haul vid and post this was a lovely deep colour but chipped pretty easy so not a fan now LOL

And next the Stargazer Cerise colour is 162 and then a random Saffron gold particle polish over the top, I picked this up at a market stall for a pound if you google them you can find them for £2ish on ebay etc this one is quite sparse with the particles and really long to dry BUT then I got a normal just coral colour one and it was great coverage and colour so I will try more out fromm Saffron just maybe not the glitter ones

BeautyUK is next this is Smokey Lilac, I love beauty UK they do sometimes chip fairly east depending on shade but out of all mine this is long lasting which is strange LOL, I have the Sleek Lilac one which is quite bright and pigmented this is more grey and subtle and I love it, a bargain £1.99

I really am lacking on inspiration with nail colours at the moment so feel free to tell me what you're loving, I am wanting to get the Barry M coloured crackle ones and been eyeing up some summery China Glaze colours, and of course more BeautyUK and Stargazer as stargazer has amazing staying power mines stayed chip free for 4days at the moment!
Vikki xoxoxo


  1. Vikki you look so beautiful with your hair up! ♥
    LOVE this look on you... I will try it!

  2. Nice!
    What a bonus....I love getting mini gifts when I buy stuff!
    Check out my blog!

  3. @laiqah aww thank you sometimes i can look too harsh with it up but i really like this style xx

    and @flaunt it yes i love freebies lol im already following your blog x

  4. thanks kat i got it for my 21st bday last year x


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