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Monday, 14 March 2011

Christian Louboutin LIPSPIKES and the cheaper COPY of them - I need you! NOW

Ok don't all rush at once but who wants to give me these bad boys.....I am in LOVE (and proper love not the puppy kind haha)

Meet Christian Louboutin LIPSPIKES now these aren't new you have probabaly seen them allllllllllllllll over already but I was browsing the site looking at things I can't afford because I clearly like to depress myself and these were my faves so y'know I thought they were blog worthy! Not because I don't have £1000-something I just have to weep :'-(

I also need BOTH as I can't decide which I am in love with more! I do love the silver shoe version they do aswell, and I was looking at the 'Toundra' fur boots (google it to see they are gorge) but they are made from coyote fur and im not down with that!

Kim K, Janet Jackson and Cheryl Cole I officially warn you to watch out because I am a now a lipspikes fiend and am insanely jealous you have this shoes haha.

If like me you can't afford the real ones there is a COPY! http://celebboutique.com/lipspike-leopard-print-horse-hair-red-sole-studded-booties.html BUT personally for £200 boots i'm still going to pass, Sorry but it's the CL's or nothing! (Sooooo yep looks like nothing!)

And because I love this song and this amazing promo vid and it ties in with the theme....

Sweet Dreams of shoes ladies! xoxo


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, love those shoes!

    Love your blog!
    Hugs and Kisses

  2. OMG! Thank u sooo much for this site! **BIG HUG**
    I wanna buy them all! Lol
    I wanted loubs for my bday, but I think I'd rather get these for a cheaper price tag anyday : )

    Malisha x

  3. @malisha LOL they're gorgeous aren't they! I do like the copy of them they are a good copy but i still dont have £200 spare BOOO-HOO!

    p.s my fbook has been deleted randomly so if your're wondering where I've gone to LOL :( xxx

  4. Wow those heels are amzing id kill to have them very sexy grr ;)


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