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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ever remember an old favourite...... Superdrug 2True liquid liner

I came across the above pictures both from about 4yrs ago when I was about 18 and LOVED my eyeliner (can't believe how short my hair was), Yes I know it looks like standard eyeliner and I can't believe im envious of myself 4yrs back ha ha but me and eyeliner are not getting on right now I don't know if my hands have got unsteady as i've got older but the line always looks too thick which make me look like Amy Winehouse LOL soooooooooo I realised back then I used to swear by 2True's liquid liner (available at superdrug for £1.99)  it is very similar to MAC's liquid liner (Boot black) as it has the same rigid and hard tip instead of a flexi-brush and  can be used to create a sultry eye but smudging out but then left it dries matte and lasts all day

I used this on a daily practically and remember buying it....again...and again and again and then I think I got complacent and bored of it....and thought there was better out there so I have tried ALOT now for kohl pencils (rimmel/sleek/bourjois/barry m) other liquid liners (bourjois clubbing/rimmel exagerate) and felt tip liners (collection 2000) and the one I have been sticking with is the Collection 2000 felt tip liner which don't get me wrong is a strong good colour and easy-ish to use it just makes a bumpy line for me half the time, which I have to go over with a kohl pencil to blend it straight if that makes sense

Rimmel Exxagerate I heard so many good things but the line on me is almost grey and translucent you have to re-apply again and again and yep not very good.

Then like it was like something clicked in my head and i've realsied what i've been missing LOL I have just gone to order some online now YOU CAN BUY IT HERE (click link)

What old favourites have you got? or recent re-discovered products you always go back to? This definatley has to be my main one along with Rimmel lasting finish foundation which works so well for me better than any high end brand

Vikki xoxoxo


  1. barry m liquid liner is a must for me! you should try it.x

  2. Ooh I definatley will I have tried their kohl eyeliner but not liquid, i love your make up looks so thanks for the recommendation! xx

  3. oh my, my makeup looked like crap 4 years ago! You look gorgeous!!!! My old favorite has to be MAC's fluidline in blacktrack... love that eyeliner, i dont go a day without it!

  4. Aw I think i just reverted and have got worse has i've got older or my camera back then was just super flattering LOL x

  5. You look so pretty in the pics!! I love the 2True eyeliner too :)
    P.s. Loving the new layout :) xx

  6. daaaaym girl u look so good with short hair but i love long hair, i have just gone and cut mine short. how long did it take for you to grow it back?

  7. Aw thank you sriya!! xxxx

    and @nada I loved short hair too but then the novelty wore off and the growing out stage was worse for me as my hair just wouldn't behave and for like a year I hated it, it took about 2yrs to get longer and its still not as long as I want but my hair does seem to grow slow compared to most! xxx

  8. aw you look stunninggg in the first picc. I've been using Miss Sporty for like 2 years now its cheap and the payoff is wicked xxx

  9. wow you totally look like victoria beckham with short hair, so glam and pretty for only 18 years old!


  10. beautiful!!! love the smudgy bottom lash :))


  11. You look gorgeous, babe!!

  12. wow your so pretty ... you lips and nose are so gorgeous .... Fantastic blog

    I am now you following ...Check out my blog, and follow if you like....



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