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Thursday, 3 March 2011


Now its coming summer it means we can take off them winter hats and get the cool hair acessories out,
Anyway in the above pic I have some really cool hair acessories I picked up the first is a wire bendy headband which basically is a headband with wire in that you can twist to make shapes it was £1.50 and the blonde hair is my mums that I made model it for me whilst I took a pic ha ha, the next pic is 2 medium sized gold claw clips with floral patterns on that I thought will be good for just clipping my hair up in warmer weather (modelled by mums head again) also £1.50

Next modelled by myself is this floral/3 flower coral headband that I adore and a bargain £2!! I can't wait until it gets warmer to wear it for that boho feel I think it will look fab on warm summer days, as Tresemme Instant refresh dry shampoo is also half price in Superdrug at the moment (around £2.40ish) I thought I would try some to compare with trusty Batiste, Now this is ok but I don't think it does the job aswell as Batiste as that seems to add more volume whereas this just sat on my hair and left abit of residue I don't know if I need to give it another go as it was my first time using it so maybe it's just my hair been silly, but for that price might aswell try it out, i've heard rave reviews from other bloggers so time will tell....here's what it looks like, sorry for the crappy pics on my blackberry

I am going natural with my hair for a few weeks as it's really started to grow quite long
 Above you can click to enlarge and kind of see my hair story in the BEFORE (2007) it was a light brown actually had blonde hightlights but very fine ones and it had been like this for a few years before then it was just my natural very dark brown, and you can see it's farily long and then in the bottom pic I dyed it black (which I hated at first) THEN Victoria Beckham and Rihanna cut their hair off so taking inspiration from the Rihanna Umberella video I chopped off mine as I wanted a change and thought frig it so did it thats the AFTER pic it was actually mid 2007 I cut it off but stuck with it through 2008 where I cut it again and 2009 it was growing here you can see still black and short, I had one relapse in 2009 when I dyed it brown but it didn't take too well even though the hairdresser stripped my hair so after a few months I went black and now I do love my black hair and so I haven't been majorly cutting it and here I am naturally fairly long again YAY! 

Its actually abit longer than that pic now but I want it Kim Kardashian long (even though hers isn't all real!) and so I don't want to keep damaging it with heat from my straightners, it's in pretty good condition and I only usually straighten my hair 3 times a week max but prevention is better than the cure, Naturally its thick and hard to cope with but im just going to start emphasising the natural curl of it and hope for the best LOL it looks similar to this apart from this is a pic from a photoshoot and not natural as I curled it with a curler

Im gonna invest in some Boots Essential curl creme that I have heard rave reviews about any other curl products I need to know about then do let me know! I shall be taking some Curl Inspiration from these lovelys.....

(PICTURED L-R) Rihanna-AnnaLynn McCord-Tyra Banks-Mariah Carey-Alicia Keys

Vikki xoxox


  1. i love curly hair! i have stick straight hair and have wanted curly hair my whole life! that floral headband is adorable on you!

  2. aw thanks, Im jealous of straight hair LOL my mum just washes her hair and no blow drying or straightening it just dries straight! So not fair LOL

    Your hairs lovely anyways xx

  3. HOT DAMN!!! Vikki Gabrielle done did it again with another FABLULOUS!!! post like always..

    Also hun I'm sorry that you weren't able to get direct access to my Fanpage on Facebook :-( so here is hopefully a better link http://www.facebook.com/pages/CandieIce-Jewel/155441244498592..If this doesn't help..

    Just know that you can also enter My giveaway by just leaving a comment on my blog as well & just comment... ENTER ME NOW FRO THE ROCKING HELLO KITTY & TOKIDOKI GIVEAWAY....I will Gladly be looking for your entrie :-)

    Have A Fabulous Blog Day Doll...

  4. Ur so gorgeous babe, u pull off all hair styles!

    btw great new look for your blog :)

    Ohh and I watched your YT vids, you have such a cute accent! I love it :)

    Malisha x

  5. @malisha aw thanks hun, and glad you like the new look i wasnt sure at first if its too fussy im not the best at technology so just messed about with diff layouts and learnt a few tricks LOL

    and haha aww I hate my yorkshire accent, think the accent sounds like mercedes mcqueen off hollyoaks or some farmer LOL but got to live with it! :) xx


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