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Monday, 28 February 2011

Random BLAH day LOL

Yesterday I plucked my eyebrows took too much off now they're shorter than I like and me and ash have had a good laugh about it (ha frickin ha!) he finds it immensely hilarious I find it devastating to the point of I want to hide under the duvet but I got my eyebrow pencil out and soldiered  so glad I can fill my eyebrows in decently hahahahahah I need to laugh otherwise i'll cry

I then was going to do a gold eye and red lip tutorial I should have known it was jinxed when my camera fell over 5mins into the first attempt and I had to start again, 11mins later the video looks shit with a capital S, I know my videos aren't the best at the moment as im new but this was an exception, so I hit the delete button for that and resisted the urge to go back to bed LOL.

In other news I had a fab weekend but im going to do a seperate post on that when I get the pics off my friends as im too useless to actually ever pull my camera out my bag!

At the moment im loving the high top bun look....Lauren Conrad I need your hair.....thanks, I also stole your pose to match :-) 

After taking my bun down I had a slightly wavy high ponytail which I actually also quite liked too

I have also decided to get fit (saying this less than a hour after I just got a big tin of Roses chocolates) and going healthy so first thing to go was white bread! See ya white bad bread and hello wholegrain good bread! I want a belly like this again:

Not that im saying im fat as I in no way think that, im not one of them girls with major body issues partly because a) It doesn't change them and b) Everyone has bits they don't like you just have to learn to love them, believe me theres plenty of imperfections on me but I am thankful enough that im just happy and healthy so I don't dwell, I used to when I was much younger then I met Ash and he made me realise body image really isn't that major! People love you because of you as a person not your weight or looks! I never diet because I don't necessarily want to lose weight I just want to tone my abs and stop the bloat I always seem to get after eating stuff like bread and carbs.

See it's all about LOVE!

My random post has come to an end. Enjoy! xoxox


  1. we all have them Bla days huh lol Cool blog hun your so pretty :-0


  2. thanks mevish you fellow hottie LOL

    and thanks lolita :) x

  3. ahhh I want a flat tummy too! I'm starting the 30 day shred tonight.. hopefully I do all 30 days!

    love the hair :)

    I feel you and the brow situation, Im growing mine out (AGAIN!)

    Malisha x

  4. I don't have the willpower and omg the brow situation is dreadful your brows look nice but mine right now and practically a thin straight line, I shud be banned from touching tweezers im seriously not touching them ever again until at least May LOL xx

  5. I've totally been in the same situation as you with the brows! (N)

    I have that love ring ;-)

    Your hair looks fab! xo

  6. aww thanks and yep good old primark sriya LOL I liked it when they did it in River Island but I didn't wear gold coloured jewellery much then and oh gosh glad to know im not the only one going/gone through a bad brow situation right now I keep thinking what if they don't ever grow back fully ha ha!! xx

  7. How on earth did you manage without the internet for 6 weeks?! :O Also, you're a really pretty lady! :) luuurve the giveaway prizes so will definitely enter :) xxx

  8. @shibzzi thanks you're pretty too!

    and oh gosh I will never know how i coped for the first week I felt like crying haha then I got really into TV and reading and started doing stuff like baking and learning to knit (really LOL) then the net came back on and now im back to been an addict haha xx


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