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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wedding Make up/Look

This is from a Shoot (yes just a shoot.....I haven't managed to snag a ring on the finger from my Mr yet unfortunatley hahaha, I will start throwing hints in the next few years though LOL) I was only 20 when these got taken last year for some wedding promotion merchanside and a photography buisness so quite a young bride :-)

I did the makeup myself anyway for these due to budgets and time so here was my wedding look, I can't tell you exact products as it was a year ago now and my memory is good but not that good!

Anyway (click pics to enlarge)

Face - For all photoshoots at this point I used Estee Lauden Double Wear Foundation, I don't have it anymore though so can't tell you the exact shade, I stopped using it as it made me come out in some major spots! I think it was because it was so thick and it even smelt like cement in my opinion. I used a face powder to eliminate shine but really have no idea which powder I was using around this time, Right now I would recommend L'Oreal and Rimmel for cheap and simple powders that you can't fail with, and the blush was a baby pink one, I think it was the Bourjois little pot ones, They do some nice colours, I wanted to get really girlie and flushed cheeks but not clown like!
Eyes - I used a matt flesh toned colour for all over the eyes, and then a bit of whitey cream shimmer shadow for some sparkle, I didn't want to be glittering as thats not very bride like but if I was to do it again I would just keep the shadow really simple and use a highlighter like the Sleek Glo one to highlight under the arch in my brow and then the inner corners of my eyes, I did use a liquid liner (always used 2true's from Superdrug) on the top and lined my waterline with Rimmel Kohl and joined both lines up which in hindsight might have been abit harsh, but for me personally I feel like I really look better with my eyes heavily accentuated with liner but for others just a very thin line on top would probabaly be enough, I also used Bad girl Benefit for my lashes.

Lips - I lined my lips usingw a light pink lipliner then filled my whole lip area in with that and just went over with a sheer baby pink gloss and on top of that a nudey coloured lipstick so my lips wouldn't be too glossy.

I did want a timeless, elegant look, and the breakdown of this is - Pink Flushed cheeks, shimmery lined eyes, and light pink/nude gloss lips which you can never go wrong with. I love the look, im big on black smokey eyes at the moment but I wouldn't want to really wear these on my wedding day, An alternative to this look I would possibly do would be a brown smokey eye though with very nude lips and then black liner, or for some people red lips and just simple lined eyes would look amazing but me and red lips never go, OMGGG I could go on about wedding looks forever LOL, I love weddings!

Anyway I was just thinking what to do for a next blog post when I came across these pics so thought something wedding-y might be interesting, I am sorry I couldn't be specific with products but I didn't use anything really special or magnificent, it's a simple look that could be re-created with practically any brands as long as you have an idea of shades :-)

Vikki xoxoxo


  1. OMG! When this came up on my updates I thought you was getting married hahaha! I can't believe you did the make up yourself.. You look flawless! I love the last pic :) Great post! xx

  2. @sriya omg I wish I was hahaha, & thank you :-)

    @angiepizants and BeautyAmbirion thanks to you two too, :-)


  3. this make up is great and looks really nice :)

  4. I like the last picture a lot!

    ...and your blog :)


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