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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Manly 120 pallette info and PURPLE LOOK (BEWARE heavy post LOL!)

Hi I got the Manly 120 pallette pretty much right after i set my blog up as when I started reading and following blogs alot of people mentioned it and it looked  great, Most of them seem to come from Hong Kong and just labelled as 120/88/ or whatever pallettes and in the US is seems Sedona Lace and Coastal scents do similar pallettes if not the same ones, I also want a neutral pallette full of beigey, browns perfect for everyday I saw these on Sedona Lace and they are very reasonable priced (also if you follow Katrina Lomidzes amazing blog which is www.katrinalomidze.com, she has a special unique $3 discount code for Sedona Lace as she is the feautured model for the brand and her blog has alot of review of the pallettes and Sedona Lace's other products like make up brushes. I also really want a shimmer pallette as the 120 manly one is matte and then for the face the contour/blush pallette similar to this on,


Please note I have never purchased from this specific seller I am just using it as an example to what the contour blush pallette is, if you just search the words pretty much more come up. I am definatley going to be getting a few of these diff pallettes after I have my xmas shopping done and duste, I even just saw a cool looking concealer one.

Anyway i'll just quickly cover some info about the pallette (I do have an ingrediants list  in case you want to know whats in the products) it is 120 eyeshadows they're quite small about the size of a 5p or maybe slightly bigger and as you can see from the pics they cover browns, greens, purples, pinks, everything, etc! I LOVE IT! the colours are very pigmented and do last, they are easy to work with and it's great to have all your colour in one place, really lets you go wild!

The package arrived all bubble wrapped (if anyone wants to know the seller I bought it from please email me it was around £12 inc delivery and even though they told me to expect to wait at least 3-5 week it arrived in about 16days) Then it has a white sleeve and when you take it out of that is a shiny plastic black pallette,

(When the pics were taken the cellophane was still on but you get the idea just wanted to take some quick pics of it on my blackberry.) They do warn you that in transistion some e/s might be broken but they will refund if it's more than a few, but I got mine and only ONE was slightly scratched at the surface where some had slightly chipped so was quite lucky thankfully, it's the one I circled in yellow, the 2 ones I circled in red are the ones I used for the 'Look'.

So at the weekend I went out Saturday night and had a purple look, purple eyes, lilac purple-y (kind of LOOL) dress and lilac shoes!

For the rest of the look i used:
-Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (Shade 200)
-Benefit IT Stick
-Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls I had From a Gift Set
-Sleek Glo Highlighter (Peach Shimmer)
-Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (Brown/Black)
-2True Liquid Eyeliner
-Rimmer Kohl Eyeliner (Black)
-Benefit Bag Gal Mascara (Black)
-Sleek twist up lip liner (Shade 654 Pink Rose)
-Pink Lipgloss from a La Senza lipgloss mini pallette

So after applying my foundation and filling in my brows, the 2 colours I used were the lighter shade for all over the eyelid blended towards the eyebrow at the outer corners and then the darker shade from the outer eyelid upto the brow, I used the IT stick as a base as well as a concealer, then went across my upper lashline with the liquid eyeliner, the waterline with the kohl pencil and joined them together where they met up.

Really simple and easy, and then obviously add the mascara, lipliner, lipgloss, bronzer and highlighter to my cheeks and brow bone and was done! It was pretty much my everyday make up with just purple instead it's nothing hard or spectacular but I love purple and thought it looked pretty good!

Any questions just ask!

Then a lil one of my outfit!

Vikki xoxoxox


  1. I'm loving this look, chica! It's so light and natural. <3

  2. Originally i found out about the coastal scents palette and was desperate for this, but when ive noticed loads of bloggers talking about other, cheaper alternatives ive realised that i dont need the CS palette. I think ill wait and see what santa brings me for xmas, then probably invest in one of the cheaper ones, because it sounds like they really are worth it! xx

  3. wow i love that purple it really stands out and luks super prity,and i love you straight,shiny hair mine is just like a big beehive lol :)

  4. @toni thanks girl

    @steph Ebay it! I read somewhere coastal scents bump the prices up because all they do is buy them at low prices and stick their brand name on and then sell it for more, but I dont know as coastal scents isn't available in the UK but seriously on ebay especially when you buy from hong kong they are a bargain, Im buying the blush and concealer ones next they look amazing too

    @barbie_dolly thanks hunni, Aww my hair isnt naturally like that! Its such a dry bush really haha, I don't blow dry it I just let it air dry and then use the Remington shine therapy straightners theyre infused with avacado oil so makes your hair so smooth, theyre better than GHDs and I don't even have to straighten it everyday now! I might do a before and after post just to show you how bushy and unshiny my hair is naturally if I dare to bare haha


  5. ur blog is amazing ; )
    i very like it ;*

    if U want follow me and write comment ;*

  6. No problem with that heavy post Vikki... love 2 read!
    I think those pallettes are superb... b'coz that's making you stunning!

  7. @beautyaddict awww thanks

    @sasmita hehe thank u too xxx


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