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Saturday, 4 December 2010

A mini haul and complain LOL

 Just a few bits and bats pleeease excuse the webcam pics (its a high quality cam at least LOL) my camera has no batt!

So I recentley tried this amazing stuff -
HOW good does this smell yummm I love it, I got it for £3.49 in superdrug, it's so moistourising and adds just a tiny hint of colour, I got it in 947 pink cadillac.

I also got this Rimmel royal jelly gloss this is a really baby pink the camera wouldn't pick it up that well

mines shade 221 Sweet Lust these also smell and taste sooooo sugary sweet oh god im hungry now LOL, its a really sheer pink gloss but good for natural looking lips with some shine!

Above is another colour I got in the gloss it is 081 Candy Rush and this is red and adds more of a pop of colour, but it's still a sheer red and obvs glossy so easy to wear in the day, I highly recommend these

Next up is the MUA powder, I find this abit cakey and dissapointing as i love the lipsticks and for £1 too such great value so I wouldn't use again, it just feels really cheap. Still gonna try some more MUA stuff though I have faith yet!
Now this hot pink Bourjois Eau de Gloss in shade 16, this promises 4hr moistourisation and gloss it is sheer to say the color looks bright and intenser has a little brush applicator thats really small so im not a fan of that but the gloss itself is ok, haven't yet tried the 4hr promise though! I will let you know LOL

And these Olay 'gentle' cleansing wipes are upsetting me! they are sooo good for taking my make up off inc really stuck on mascara BUT they make my skin really dry! I don't want to believe it but I am going to have to the next day my skin was sore and irritated around my eyes too, :-(

Keeping on trend with Olay I also have started using this after hearing seriously RAVE reviews, I do like it, but again when I stop using it my skin gets dry (which never happened before) I don't know if it's just me, the wipes, this, or Olay!!!!!! I am going to keep on with this as it is good and it's so cheap for £4ish, There is a sensitive one but I read one blogger say thats actually more harsh! This is the normal/dry/combo one

Only a little post, it's not really a haul also got 2 new nail polishes - NYC nail glossies in 241 a lovely ocean greeny blue colour and Bourjois very vernis in 73 Rose virtuel a shimmery pinky colour with gold glitter bits in, I will do NOTD posts with both these soon!


  1. try babywipes, i use them :)

  2. ooh loving the new collection of lippies!

  3. Lovely little haul :) Can't wait to see your notd's!
    ALSO, you should try using baby wipes.. I use them to take of my make up and they're so gently.. Doesn't dry your skin out at all! :) Or try using olive oil xx

  4. That's a lovely haul :) I like that Rimmel gloss that you got. It looks great.

  5. thanks for the comments girls! I will try babywipes!! xx


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