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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Blue da ba dee.....................

Im feelin blue today, xmas shopping ANNOYING me so bad, so doing it in July next year LOL

But how it would I would love if we lived in a blue world literally LOL......these are from a shoot I did and it's not just photoshopped (and no im not just blue haired either) its the special lighting, Superhero fab LOL

 I think I rock blue hair and blue eyes pretty well ALTHOUGH I did have some dodgy blue contacts when I was 16 that looked so fake but I thought I was soooooo cool ha ha ha.

hey if its good enough for the lovely Katy perry and Amber rose.........


If anyone's interested in blue lipstick StarGazer (New Look branches in the UK stock it) do 1 for around £3ish, It's shade #104

Anyway hope all you guys aren't as 'blue' as me and enjoying the run up to christmas.....just to finish off the blue theme....
Vikki xoxoxo


  1. jajajaja loca!! Xmas Shopping is super annoying no lie, i hate it, especially cause my bf always buys me the dumbest shit , and i get like hives worrying about the things he will buy, one year he bought me a vest 2 sizes to big? and the vest was from the old ladies section wtf?

  2. haha ohh no, men have no idea sometime! on the bright side at least he got you something! LOL. Fingers crossed he does better this year haha xx

  3. i no what you mean people go all crazy at christmas and are crazy possessed mad shoppers,pushing and shoving lil me,like the blue hair in the picture looks unique xx


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