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Friday, 31 December 2010

I got TAGGED!!

I gpt tagged in this tag by the lovely http://meimeisbeautyblog.blogspot.com

So thought I would fill in and I TAG YOU ALL which wasn't the rule the rule was to tag 5 but I cant think of 5 right now so im been a rebel and breakin rules!

15 facts about me.....
  • 1 - My bday (15th Jan) is also my mums birthday! I was her 29th birthday present lol.
  • 2 - But in actual fact my due date was Valentines Day
  • 3 - I love my 2 cats like I gave birth to them ha ha.....seriously they are spoilt!
  • 4 - I have a majorly overreactive mind......if im left alone in the house my mind goes into overdrive thinking about all them scary horror films :-(
  • 5 - The one thing I wouldn't live without is eyebrow pencil as I overplucked my eyebrows so many times and even now I actually have real eyebrows they're still sparse in parts and not fully recovered :-(
  • 6 - I love Kimora Lee Simmons, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian for their beauty looks and overall style/personalities
  • 7 - I wish I had light colour eyes......this is where the grey contacts come in handy
  • 8 - I first met my Mr (Ashley) when I was 15.....we didn't get together until I was 16 and then only for a few months before we spent nearly 2 years apart, we got back together when I was 18.....im now nearly 22 so we have made it a fair while this time LOL, I always had him in my heart
  • 9 - My fave cocktail is sex on the beach
  • 10 - I love my mum, Ashley and my real friends (which are few and far between) they are all I need in this life!
  • 11 - 2010 was my most successful year career wise as my modelling took off and I signed to 2 main agencies.
  • 12 - I am a qualified Beauty Therapist after studying at private Beauty School for 2years
  • 13 - I have gone through many career changes in my life......from wanting to be a policewoman (I applied and passed the first stage of applications before I opted out), firewoman (I was 15), vet (until I decided I get too attatched to animals and hate blood).....LOL you get the idea.
  • 14 - If I was a sex and the city girl I would be half carrie and half charlotte ha ha
  • 15 - My fave all round drugstore make-up is L'oreal closely followed by Rimmel

Yayyy this was a fun tag :-)

Vikki xoxo


  1. congrats on the modeling agency...you deserve it doll!!! You are so gorgeous!!! ;-)

  2. LOVE this! I just posted my one :D xx


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