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Friday, 31 December 2010

From my PREVIOUS HAUL.....my first video is done! + vid preview pic and vid FOTD

My first video yaaay!

Anywaaaaay this was my like 6th attempt, one was 25mins (talker lol), one the webcam got knocked down, one i had to move the cat out the room that kept pulling my cam wire......jeeez the list goes on

THEN the one I have done isn't as good as I was losing natural light and bleruggh!

Anyway I decided to do it as a make up haul (the one i was supposed to do swatches for which i still need to) from this list -


I am going to do 2 tag ones over the weekend hopefully then maybe some tutorials or more reviews, I want to do the 'secrets' tag and the 'whats im my bag/purse' tag so look out for them, PLEASE subscribe to www.youtube.com/vikkigabrielle and look at my channel and vids!

Do bear with me as like i said it is new here are some pic previews from my vid...............pretty much usual make up for me, but a revlon black and rimmel bluey grey mono eyeshadow and a fuschia lip colour


  1. You're make up looks gorgeous! :) Just watched the vid.. Don't have a youtube account so I don't think I can subscribe but I've added it to my bookmarks :) I have the bourjois blush pot thingy! I love it :) I really want the Revlon make up eraser pen!! They seem so cool! Ha..
    Btw, what nail polish are you wearing in the vid?? xx

  2. thanks hun!

    I got that eraser pen from fragrance-direct for 99p!

    and its from beauty UK that cheapo stuff was onky about £2 they have little stands of it in superdrug i dont know the exact shade as i dont have it on me but theres only one shade like it so its easy to find its a bright coral-y pink it is abit crap though it chips so easy but for £2 cant complain! xxx

  3. That's a bargain! I want one hahaha!
    Ohh yeah thanks I know what you're talking about! I'll go check it out.. I love the colour :D xx

  4. Great video Vikki!

    Kisses, Melanie

  5. Hi! Love the blog! Check out mine at thebellavitaMUA.blogspot.com

    Live A Beautiful Life,
    XOXO The Bella Vita MUA


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