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Sunday, 5 December 2010

A kind of FOTD! Sleek Bad Girl pallette again and Rubbish No7 Foundation!

Soooo whilst I was snowed in I have been makeup free, today I decided to put some on for the hell of it, and used my bad girl Sleek pallette, this isn't really a tutorial or 'look' as I didn't get many pics and espesh ones that are clear I just thought i'd share! I love the Bad Girl pallette I speak about it often enough and I only have used the silvers and the black really before so for this look used still those colours to start with but then added the smokey purpley/blue 'Obnoxious'.

Basically I used the 3rd shadow BLADE (2nd circled one) all over really, then the 5th one UNDERGROUND (3rd circled) on the lid then the 9th OBNOXIOUS (bottom row circled) blended from the outer corners all the way to the brow, I then just added the 6th one NOIR (4th circled) just on the corners and on my waterline as a liner and finally the 2nd one GULLIBLE (1st circled) as abit of highlighter just for under the brow area

I kept my lips nude I just used a light baby pink sheer gloss (the Rimmel Jelly one I mentioned in my previous mini haul post) and just a sweep of some random 'Sunkissed' bronzer I got in a gift set, luckily you can't tell on thes photos but I HATE the foundation I have on it goes on so patchy and streaky, and just feels and looks dreadful it is No7 Stay Perfect in shade 'Tan', ''Stay Perfect'' this couldn't be a more ironic name for this! Never again of course it didn't help how orangey and dark the shade tan actually is, they had no samples so I just took it from the look of the bottle......silly me!!!

It has put me off No7 now, even though I actually don't like it much to be honest, I like their lip products and did like the mosiac bronzer (but it kept breaking and for £12.50?!), but this foundation blerugh and I also tried a black eye pencil and it was really hard to work with and dragged my skin, ohh I do quite like their nail polishes too though I have a couple of those, and I do LOVE it when Boots frequentley give the £5 off No7/Ruby & Millie vouchers,

Ohh not forgetting mascara I didn't bother with much as it was just a little play around, so just did a quick sweep of the ModelCo Lashcara one (would't repurchase this, don't hate it or love it its just OK! Got it on TK Maxx for £5 as it had an RRP of something like £18 on so I just assumed it would be good when will I learn it has a funny wand like no brush just a rounded stick! Anywaaaaaaay........


  1. You look gorgeous as always!

    Love the leopard print top.. :) it looks so cosy!

    Malisha x

  2. aw thank u hun, its my beloved primark dressing gown LOL xx


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