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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

my 50p and £25 bargain LOL! Plus a festive NOTD

So i'll start with the £25 bargain save the cheapy for last LOL this is my AVIATOR JACKET! I will be honest I didn't really like the trend. I saw one in New Look in the sale for £20 and just didn't like it then saw the Primark version and actually thought it looked pretty good, I tried it on and boy did it keep me warm and knowing how cold the UK is thought I would buy it, im normally girlie and pretty and felt this was a fashionable 'edge' to add to my wardrobe! I also have some biker-y style boots to wear with it but haven't taken pics yet they have buckles and a chain detail around, Ash doesn't like the look but ykno thats men for you never understand fashion, if it was upto men we would be wearing bikinis as outerwear 24-7 haha.

Next up my 50p bargain it is also from Primark (no I do not live in Primark contrary to popular belief :-p) It is a face and body 'BLOOMINOUS' Illuminator in the shade 'Gold' they also had it in shade 'Bronze' which I should have picked up for bloody 50p but my brain failed me!

I lurrrveeeeeeeeeeee the packagaing, Primark has quite alot of beauty buys now this originally retailed at £3 I think thats the average price range for most of the products my towns store doesn't have the best selection but how pretty is it! Very funky and retro, It has a twist up bottom that distributed the illuminator like this:

It is quite nice but abit glittery so I would use it very sparingly on my cheekbones, I will mostly probably use it on my shoulders and chest and maybe my legs when I wear my party dresses this xmas season!

You can't see it too well blended in so I squared it off just in case it's my blackberry camera as I wasn't at home to use my other, for 50p I am chuffed with it! I would actually have bought it for £3 to be honest. My hand is still shimmering in the light now and it's been over 5 hours since I did this little swatch so ladies run down to your local primarks!

Lastly my festive inspired NOTD (nails of the day), to be honest it's abit of a cheat as I have done a NOTD with this polish before its the China Glaze - Avalance http://vikki-gabrielleworld.blogspot.com/2010/11/nails-of-day-notd-china-glaze-avalanche.html   but to make it more festive I added a glitter topcoat you can get these in alot of ranges I have a none branded random one and a 17 by Boots one, it works quite well as Avalanche is a metallic gun metal silver colour so with the silver glitter topcoat looks really really dazzling! For Saturday night partying I love it even if it is abit OTT for the day time!

It hasn't picked up just how dazzling it looks but in the light WOWZA!!

Anyway happy tuesday everyone!

Vikki xoxoxo



  1. i usually wouldn't go for that kind of jacket but that one is really cute i love it!

  2. i know I was like that, I really like it now though but dont have many outfits to match it with as its so different to what i usualy go for!


  3. I LOVE the nails!

    Kisses, Melanie


  4. cute jacket!!!! such a good deal too ;)

  5. I love the jacket i am trying to go for this look too, my boyfriend doesn't like it either, oh well lol

  6. that jacket is nice and looks warm,ohh and i want that illiminator is looks nice and shimmery perfect :)

  7. Just like u im not into that trend either. But, that jacket u got is real cute!!!!


  8. @La Cabrona - thanks :-) Guys are odd LOL my boyf hates anything 'fashion-y'!

    @Barbie_Dolly - it is really really warm!! and yep run to your local primark i went to a different one earlier and they had none so im going to go to my towns tomorrow, If they have some left I will get a couple to put as part of the first giveaway im doing which is when i reach 75 followers

    @missK - thank you! It is nice compared to others ive seen i think its because its quite tight fitting so looks fairly smart on too as some are just baggy and abit unflattering!

    anyway girls thanks for the comments hope you're all well! xx


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