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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

CHEAP BRANDS MAKE UP! @ www.fragrancedirect.co.uk

Just been doing a little online shopping and thought I would share this site with you, www.fragrancedirect.co.uk it is a UK based site its £1.95 for UK delivery and it does ship worldwide you just need to check the site for prices, I have ordered twice before off this site and both times delivery was fast and packaged well, I ordered a few cosmetics the first time and the second time the New Beyonce HEAT perfume which it had at the cheapest price I could find after browsing around,

This site offers items like Rimmel Lipsticks from £1, L'oreal mascaras for £3-£5, l'oreal eyeshadows from £1,  Bourjois nail polishes and blushes for like £1.50, it even has some Urban Decay eyeshadows and lipsticks for around £3 I think they were and also a few NYX products which are usually hard to get hold of in the UK, plus the legendary St moritz fake tan and some fab Burts Bees products.

The only problem with the site is that the colour charts are nowhere near a good representation of what shades to buy so I always have to google them see if I can find better swatches as the site only has one main image in one shade of products usually and the next is that sometime the choice of colours is minimal or less popular ones (such as white and silver EYEBROW pencils?!!?!) So if you have enough patience to research the products to get a good representation of them then go for it, I have just gone through all the categories in the cosmetics side of the site and it's took me a good few hours!

But it is great because for like around £20 you can get 4 rimmel lipsticks, 3 bourjois blushers, a l'oreal mascara, a couple of nail polishes and some eyeshadows for example when in a standard drugstore you would probabaly only get 1 mascara, 1 lipstick and 1 blush!

I LOVE this site, I did come across another but then I saw some bad reviews on it so it really put me off but like I said I have 2 posotive experiences already from this site (PLEASE do note I am not involved or affiliated with this company it is something that I just thought I would share as it was something that made me happy to find and buy from!)

Also aswell as cosmetics as so many cheap branded perfumes for men also and gift sets and hair care (including some electrical appliances), and body stuff and skincare, etc.......the list goes on

So if you get some money over xmas or like me just are obsessed by make up and want some serious bargains go have a peek

Vikki xoxo

P.S - 3 days wooooooooooooooo! :-)


  1. Ooh this sounds interesting! :-o Gonna go check it out right now!! xx

  2. it is fab i ordered the same night i posted this blog, then got a email ysday saying it had been dispatched even though i placed my order at 8pm so quite late and then it came today!!!! Even with messed up christmas posting times it still only took like a day and for just £1.95 delivery it is amazin xx


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