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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

NEW TREND: Goodbye shatter polish & Hello Magent pattern nails!

So if like me you never really have liked the shatter polish trend, there's a new trend in town - Magnet patterned nails!

How does this work I hear you ask.....well what you do is paint the nail polish on as normal, then hold a magnet (that you buy with the polish not just any old magnet LOL) which pushes tiny metal particles/powders thats in the polish away to create a different pattern over each nail....like magic! The geek in me finds these extremley interesting!

LCN at BeautyConcepts.co.uk do a range available now from £8.65 for the polish (8 different shades you can see HERE) and £7.55 for the magnets, which are 2 different designs - 'star' or 'diagnonal' you can see them HERE, OR if you're really into it you can buy the full start set for £67.15 which includes the magnets and all 8 shades of polish although this is currentley sold out so alot of people have obviously jumped the bandwagon already.

Also from mid sept Nails Inc Magnetic polish will be launching (rrp £12) these will be in shades - 'Big Ben' - A metallic gold, 'Trafalgar Square' - A metallic silver/chrome and 'Houses of Parliament' - A metallic purple/blue....what fantastic london themed names! PLUS Nails inc will have the magnet concealed in the lid of the polishes so you won't need to purchase a seperate one (and for all you drugstore/bargain lovers word is Revlon also are developing a line)

Who's going to be trying their hands at this? Before I try these my next task is 'water marbling' something I saw on Maryam Maquillage's blog...Check out that post on this pretty trend HERE. How fantastic is her 'Strawberry Love Swirls Forever' water marbling post! I pray mine turn out as fab!

Vikki xoxox


  1. That is so cool! I can't wait to try it!

  2. That's pretty neat! Never heard of it before.

  3. omg that is so exciting and cool looking :)) can't wait to see your water marbling, i'm sure yours will be fabulous just like yourself!! oxox

  4. @sarah me too x

    @shabby make up i've only just heard about it too! x

    @Little petite I agree! x

    @maryam haha fingers crossed it goes well! x

  5. Awww I'm not into the shatter trend at all but this... looks just plain awful LOL!

  6. @gaby im not into shatter too really, and this i think can either go horribly wrong or right depending how its done, i've seen some other pics on google that looked terrible but then i've seen some that looked kind of cool, maybe its overkill to do all 5 fingers x

  7. This is SO cool! Love that you're on top of the trends, i want to try this!


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