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Friday, 26 August 2011

a £1.99 Benefit High Beam DUPE!

Look familiar? First thoughts? Benefit High Beam sorry Technic High Lights......I see a lawsuit coming haha joking, I first saw this on Nicolettas blog and bought it after then...a mere £1.99 compared to the £18.50 price tag for Benefit., I bought it in Bodycare and usually stick my nose up at the Technic stuff as it seems like make up i'd have bought at 12 when I didn't know better but I was wrong! Also a quick search in google shows you can purchase High Lights online at various other stores.

It looks abit like a nail polish and has the same type brush, I would actually recommend buying it instore if you can as the first one I got the brush was all messed up and squashed and bent so I took it back, she gave me a new one....opened it SAME ISSUE! Soooooo she went to get another......opened it SAME ISSUE, that was 3 all with a crappy brush, so she went to get another........opened it SAME ISSUE! Well to be fair it was the best of the lot and not as bent but still not perfect, then finally the 5th bottle has a decent-ish brush but what the hell really! Not something that would happen at Benefit I tell ya!

I like to use it on my cheekbones for sheen, or under my browbone, also it can be mixed in with your foundation for a dewy look (Got this tip from Adrienne's blog on her Ashley and Mary Kate make up post check it out HERE) I don't have high beam that I can compare it to but I have used high beam before and it is a good dupe!

Then here it is blended my camera didn't pick it up majorly well but you can see the sheen-y effect

Whilst there I spotted another Technic dupe 'Prime It' (Face Primer) incredibly similar to 'That Gal' from Benefit....I swatched instore but it was only a tester so they must be flying off the shelves it was really illuminating and looked pretty good I definatley will be trying it soon.
What other dupes do I need?

Vikki xoxo
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  1. Ooh looks nice! MeMeMe have copies of Moon Beam and High Beam as well i believe...
    Need to get them.

  2. oooh awesome! shall definitely try it :D I've never tried benefits high beam before anyways, but I quite like ELF's shimmering facial whip :) shall definitely try and get some TECHNIC products now :D xox


  3. omg its practically the same thing!!! i love high beam, do they have a dupe of benetint??

  4. @maryam I know!! Twins LOL (I would sue their asses if I was benefit for real hahaha) and nooo not seen a benetint but I really want to try that so might have to shell out the full price for the benefit one BOO! I have posietint and im not the biggest fan of that soo should have just got benetint then x

  5. nice review, well you've really lovely blog.....so am following you now. :)

  6. Completely regretting not buying both of these today. I've been eyeing them up for weeks and now after reviews online! Hence coming across this post!



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