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Thursday, 11 August 2011

New bag :)

I have a confession......I am a BAG lady haha, Well and truly, well actually i'm a shoe/bag lady, I always have more interest in shoes and bags than clothes I think!

I randomly decided I want a new bag the other day, I saw a Fiorelli one I thought about and very nearly bought but there was something about the browny/grey colour I wasn't loving, And i'm so glad I didn't get it otherwise I wouldn't have got this baby!

It's a lovely cream colour with silver studs (I don't know why im saying this as you can obviously see the picture im such a randomer!) 

I also have this thing about matching outfits with silver or gold.....e.g jewellery, shoes and bag, and I can't mix silver or gold, I. JUST.CANT. It's weird....im weird....I know but haha its one of my little OCDs! So I have lots of bags with gold detailing but then when it comes to outfits where I need a 'silver' detailing kinda bag I don't have many and the ones I do have im sick of (I think I have about 75 handbags i've collected over the last 10yrs or so! Most I don't use and wouldn't really use now, but I do rotate mine every other day or according to outfits) 

Anywaaaay so yes im glad this has the silver detailing in the buckle, zip, studs and I do think it will go with quite alot of stuff I wear. I also love the short handles but it does mean it can't be used as a shoulder bag I don't mind this though, I also love the leopard print lining on the inside -

I got it in an independent accessory store so i'm not sure where online it can be picked up but if I see anywhere I will update this post.

Vikki xoxoxo

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  1. Oooh that's so gorgeous! Love how big it is!


  2. How pretty! Love the studs and the leopard print lining !

  3. It's such a lovely bag, I really like the lining :) xx


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