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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

MAC Cremeblend Blush - ''So Sweet, So Easy''

Hi its been a few days since i've posted as had a busy week with some appointments etc, sooooo i'll be doing a few posts this week now i've got some time, First up I thought i'd do a review on this MAC Cremeblend blush, its the first i've tried and I got it from the lovely Maria's Blog Sale a couple of week ago although you can buy it online or from MAC for £17.00.

It's a lovely girlie pink, perfect for adding abit of colour without it screaming 'im wearing blush' too much LOL. It is pigmented but goes on quite sheer so its a nice natural finish.

I love the glowy, radiant look that cream blushes give, the only problem I have is when I apply this the rest of my foundation decides to play patchy, so instead of this blending in it rubs my foundation off when been rubbed in, oh gosh am I even making sense haha! I don't know if this is the brush im using, or if its my foundation, I have tried primer before that makes no difference, I have just ordered the Elf Studio Stipple brush which is meant to be good for cream blushes so im hoping this might help as I really LOVE this shade and everything else about it!

I tried to get a pic of me wearing it but the lighting wouldn't show the pinkiness of the colour up properly. Do not mind the rest of my make up I literally just applied the blush after i'd had this make up on for hours for example purposes but you kind of get an idea of the sheen and radiance....I hope!
Any tips would be appreciated! 

Vikki xoxo


  1. i've always wanted to try this. you are such a stunner also. JEEZ

  2. @lil miss giggles it is sooo pretty! x

    @claire aww thanks hun,so r u!!! Im coming to steal your hair be warned haha x

  3. I love the name of this! It looks so pretty. =)

  4. This looks a lovely colour :) It looks as if it could be quite bright but looks lovely on you :)


  5. Hmm I'm not sure it would suit my pale skintone but it's definitely gorgeous on you!

  6. Such a pretty colour! I have been wanting this forever... Must buy it!
    I think a stippling brush would be perfect for creme blushes. (Not that I have any creme blushes :))

  7. @D.sadie yep it is a pretty name! x

    @Charlee it's really subtle once on it does look bright and abit scary in the pan but its definatley more of a natural flush than full on barbie cheeks LOL x

    @Gaby thanks! It might suit a paler skin better actually as its sort of a 'natural flush' colour and sometimes i have to layer it up quite abit x

    @laiqah this is my first cream blush too and so I definatley hope the stippling brush does work better! It's a good blush to have as i think it will last quite a while too x

  8. Very pretty looks real natural ♥

  9. OMG your FOTD is gorgeous. I am curious to see what this would look like on your lips :) Please do another look!

  10. @mei mei yep it is, perfect for wearing with strong eye make up or bold lip colors x

    @alexis aw thank you!! And I will definatley try and get a picture of me wearing it on my lips, i never thought of that but that is a good idea actually! x


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