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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Golden-Berry Face Of The Day using MUA Heaven and Earth palette & Berry Lipstick

So as I mentioned a couple of posts back I am loving the berry lip trend that is going to be huge for winter and I showed you the new Colour Drench 2true lipstick I got (post HERE). So I thought I would do a look with that and the MUA Heaven and Earth palette that I also showed you (post HERE). I thought because the lip colour is very striking and quite dark it was probabaly best to stick with neutral eyes, but to still keep it warm I used golden colours, so it ended up been 'A Golden-Berry look' I think I will be wearing this quite alot in the coming months, although I want either a more darker brown toned berry or a more plum colour, this one is abit too fuchsia, I like it but its not 'The one'. 

Anyhoodles here is the look - (for the eye's I used '1' all over the lid, '2' on the eyelid and '3' in the crease and outer corners, I also put abit of highlighter under my browbone
 The full list of products I used was -
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation (shade 201)
  • W7 Concealer palette
  • Collection 2000 shine away powder (medium)
  • W7 Honolulu bronzer
  • Benefit Posie Tint on cheeks
  • Rimmel eyebrow pencil (black/brown)
  • Benefit Lemon Aid (to prime my eyes)
  • MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow palette
  • 2True Liquid Liner 
  • Clinique High Impact mascara
  • Calvin Klein Eyebrow Pencil (Its too black for my brows so I use it as an eyeliner now)
  • Colour Drench 2True Lipstick (shade 5)
 And a few more pics to finish off!
Vikki xoxo
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  1. Such a shame I can't get my hands on that palette!

  2. Great make-up =)


  3. That palette is to die for. Your looking so beautiful and your hair omg I feel to rob you lol. You have such beautiful shaped eyes xo

  4. You look gorgeous :)!! The make up is so nice! xox


  5. You look gorgeous!
    And look how long your hair has grown!
    What's your secret?? :)


  6. @gaby i know! Superdrug sooo should do worldwide shipping, theres a few smiliar sleek palettes they ship worldwide x

    @comme3pommes Thank you! x

    @marama thanks x

    @LaaLaa aww thank you so much lovely!! and my hair is a state right now, needs cutting you can have it hahaha x

    @rakhshanda thank you x

    @confessions of a make up lover thank you very much x

    @laiqah thank you hunni, and everyone says that! I don't know what im doing LOL, although I did change to using Aussie products, the 3 min miracle is amazing and im trying to use less heat, it needs cutting though but i've put it off for so long as i've been trying to grow it, annoyingly one side is longer than the other too urgh! LOOL x

  7. love that lipstick on you hun!! looks fantastic!!

  8. Love this look, you look fab :).

    Sadie x


  9. @Dolly Daydream thanks, I love berry colours at the mo! x

    @Charlotte thank you hun x

    @Kat thanks x

    @Sadie thank you! x

  10. omg you look stunning--just stunning!!! love that lip color on you!!! gawwwjusssss :DDD


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