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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

2True reviews - New 'Colour Drench' Gloss and Lipstick and my trusty liquid liner

2true is exclusive to Superdrug stores and it is all £1.95 or 3 for £5, AND they do not do any animal testing big big BIG yaaaay!!!

I have always bought their liquid liner, in my opinion it's the best i've ever used since first using it about 3-4yrs ago (I did a post on it HERE). So whilst getting a new liner to stock up on, I was umming and ahhing over what products to get as might aswell do the 3 for £5 offer! So I have been looking for  a berry lipstick for the past few weeks and the nearest one 2true did was shade 5 in their new range 'Colour Drench' lipsticks, then for the final item I thought the also new 'Colour drench' lipglosses would suffice, I wanted  a lovely orange/coral they had but they only had the tester in that and none in stock, so settled on a mid pink shade I thought would be ok to just throw in my bag, really I just got addicted to the smell and taste (vanilla!) after swatching it in store.

This is the liquid liner (also available in light blue packaging which is the waterproof version) -
The nib is a thick-ish point one and sturdy, I had flimsiness and really thin applicators or worse little brush ones, I find a tip like this or like felt tip liner type pens easiest to work with (Rimmel Exxaggerate is also ok brush wise but the but the pigmentation in this is WAY better, and collection 2000 24hr felt tip eyeliner pen would be my next favourite as I have definatley got used to that  now). You can see how black it is in just one easy sweep and for £1.95 - LOVE!

Next is the Colour Drench Lipstick -
I like these lipsticks they are pigmented, and long lasting and they feel great on but i'm not sure if its the berry shade I wanted, they only had around 5 shades aswell and they do another lipstick range 'glossywear' and again that only had 5 shades or so, so this was the best in my opinion. It gives a nice glossy shine and is moistourising which is always a plus in my book! Either way I still like it is a shade and in winter I will wear it quite a lot I think as it will be time to retire my current favourite bright fucshias shades until next summer soon! One thing I do like is the sleek silver packaging though.

And finally the Colour Drench Lipgloss -
This is a nice natural gloss (its shade 4 by the way), not too obvious but has a nice hint of colour, at first I thought it was frosty/shimmery but once I had it on it was pretty nice, I love the smell like I said before and it's non sticky but still high shine, which is great as I tried a 2true lipgloss before and it was so incredibley shimmery and sticky beyond belief but these colour drench ones are new and I am impressed! These also have a doe foot applicator whereas the ultra sticky old ones I tried had a little brush which I wasn't really a fan of. They have quite a few pretty shades I pretty much liked them all actually will definatley be going back for the coral shade I saw!

So theres my 2true little bits! Who else is a 2true fan and what do you recommend?
You can check out their site HERE for more info
Vikki xoxox

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  1. That Berry lipstick is nice, funny while in Superdrug today I noticed the brand and had a little browse but I've never seen or maybe just not really taken any notice of them *slaps wrist*

    When my eyeliners are finished I'll be sure to try this one out, don't those felt tip feeling eye liners just irk you grr. xoxo

  2. @LaaLaa I still think im looking for that perfect berry shade though, im sooo fussy LOL! And ooh you deffo should, I haven't tried much, have a nail polish or two they're ok too, I love bargains LOL xx

  3. The lipgloss looks nice! You have amazing lips girl =P


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