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Friday, 12 August 2011

Random & say hello to George!

So as you know my gorgeous cat 'Baby' died 2weeks ago, and my other cat Kyla was looking abit lost and lonely without a friend so I decided in the near future I would get a new cat for her, in fact I was probabaly going to get a kitten, then whilst browsing online I came across George, at first I was like aaww he's looks like Baby and was the same age, then I got to know his story, he had been brought up from a kitten for the first year or so of his life with drug addicts that fed him old KFC bones or just left him, their neighbour eventually took him off them and rehomed them but as George is quite fluffy the guy had allergies and couldn't keep him which was quite sad as you could tell he had really got attatched to him. 

At first I was umm-ing and aah-ing as I thought it was abit awful to just get another cat that looked just the same as I never want to replace Baby and never could but then I thought that's not this little guys fault, George and Baby were the same age but they have had very different lives, Baby was always fed well/treated/spoiled and given 110% love and care whilst poor George has had a very different rough start that he didn't deserve, so been the animal lover I am I couldn't say no to George. He's been with us since yesterday he is still getting used to everything and seems abit sad and quiet at the moment but it is all change for him so that's understandable, I hope with our care and attention he blossoms and learns to trust, here he is!.....
He does look the same been black and white but all his markings are different and he is way more white than Baby was and has a different type of fur, although I think my neighbours did get a shock when they saw him in the window earlier, they thought they were seeing Baby/A ghost cat LOL.

Like I said I could never replace Baby and I still am upset and will always have in my heart but at least now a bad thing has turned into a blessing for another little animal.

Also wanted to share this drawing that someone on my facebook did of me, the first image is the photograph he was copying from....I think it is fantastic! Big thank you to Martin, how talented is he!! :)
I am sat here blogging when I should be getting ready as meeting a friend for drinks tonight I will try do an 'Outfit Of The Night' post if I get chance 
Vikki xoxo

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  1. aww poor george :( what a horrible start he had! Im glad he's now got a happy home :) enjoy your drinks haha xx

  2. Very beautiful cat. I hope he settles in nicely :)

  3. awwweh he is beautiful and it always makes me happy when a rehomed cat gets a happy ending.
    he's going to enjoy his ife with you so much, hope your feeling a little bit better since baby passed away?
    i know the feeling to well my cats are my babies and if anything happened i'd be heartbroken :)

    that picture is amazing aswell, he is so talented :)

  4. What a cute cat! I'm sorry for your "baby" who passed away, my doggie passed away last summer too ):

    Love the drawing!

  5. @adrienne i know poor lil guy! and thanks hope you have a good weekend too!! xx

    @jax thank you! xx

    @charlotte aw thank you, I am feeling abit better it helps to know that now im helping another cat but i still miss him, he'll always be special and in my heart xx

    @gaby thanks, aw sorry to hear about your dog too, at least they will always be in our memories xx

  6. You are very pretty =)


  7. aww sorry to hear about your cat :( hope your new kitty gets more comfterable!! what a nice drawing that is so sweet!!

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