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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Quick FOTD! Natural 'Brown/Green eye' and MAC 'Ever Hip'

Today I decided to do a 'natural look' but added green as thats quite a natural colour although I know when I think of the word 'natural' for make up I think Naked Palette and Too Faced's Natural eye Palette which are browns!

My MAC Ever Hip lipstick came today sooooooooooooo excited it is so pretty, both these pics look the same I need a new pose goddammit!

I actually used a mid olive green from the Manly 120 palette and the brown was actually a copper dazzle dust by Barry M, this amazing colour -

To be honest I don't LOVE how it turned out, but I liked the colours and concepts, I think I should have used a black liner, but to keep with the natural theme I used brown but on the pics it just looks part of the eyeshadow, 

From as soon as I tried Ever hip today I loved it as much as I thought I would it's been sold out which I was gutted about but then the lovely Ashlie held a giveaway as she had a spare and I won! It's a lovely soft coral with more pink undertones than orange which make it an extremely wearable colour for all skin tones, I think even in winter it will look great, and I thought i'd be retiring coral lips as winter comes but with this I definatley wont.

I didn't get a lip swatch but I will get one up cos I then put a NYX lip gloss in 'Sugar Pie' over the top, which slightly lightened it and gave it an extra glossy shine and I have to say this is one of my fave lip concoctions! 

This may sound weird but I really feel I 'need' black eyeliner otherwise I feel something just doesn't look right with my face.....am I insane or do other people have a staple they feel they must always use? LOL.

The full list of items I used is:
  • Wet N Wild Concealer (ivory)
  • Rimmel 25hr foundation (201)
  • Honolulu w7 bronzer 
  • Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer
  • Almay dial up mascara 
  • Green from Manly 120 palette
  • Copper shade Barry M dazzle dust
  • NYX brown eyeliner
  • Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil
  • NYX long lip pencil (natural)
  • MAC Ever Hip
  • NYX Gloss (Sugar Pie)

Vikki xoxox


  1. Wow, that eye look is really nice! You know how to put things together and make them look beautiful... and Ever Hip HAS to be one of my all time FAVES :)

  2. @Alexis aw thank you hunni thats lovely of you to say xx

    @Donna thank you! xx

    @margaritats thanks, ever hip is lovely xx

  3. Pretty lip combo! I've heard a lot about Ever Hip x

  4. You look a bit like Teresa's brother's wife on RHONJ! I can't remember her name! Nice make up.

  5. @Vexinthecity Thanks hun and aw I don't watch it! Will have to have a google LOL. xx

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