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Monday, 8 August 2011

MUA pro palette Heaven & Earth

I FINALLY GOT IT! yaaaay! I've actually had it for over a week now but since I haven't blogged for a week haven't got around to posting about it, I have been using it thought and have to say I love it!

All my fellow bloggers will be sick to death of probably seeing reviews on this palette but I know quite a few other people come across my blog and they might not be familiar to it so thought I would do this quick post.

I can't recommend it more it's one of them must haves, I love doing neutral eye looks in the summer time and bright lips so this is ideal, it definatley is like a budget version of Urban Decay's 'Naked' palette some people have even said they prefer it more, all the colours are shimmer so if you're a fan of matte shades this won't be for you but luckily I prefer shimmery shades, and they're not overly glittery or anything. The eyeshadows blend well (like the fantastic single £1 regular MUA ones) and the pigmentation is amazing.

My superdrug hasn't got any MUA Pro in, it has a MUA stand but just with the regular line products which is disappointing, so I ordered online (p.s its the last few hours of free shipping on superdrug.com!). The new pro line includes palettes, primers, mascaras, eyeshadow trios, bronzers, foundation, nail polish and much more it looks fab and I can't wait to try more items, they're all under £5 too (this was £4) 

Dusk til dawn and Starry night palettes are next on my list you can check more MUA stuff out on the superdrug website HERE

Vikki xoxo

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  1. That looks a lot like the Naked palette. Really pretty :)

  2. It does look pretty, but i am a lover of neutral eyeshadows:)

  3. @sarah yep it is similar i haven't got hold of the naked palette maybe one day, theres alot of bloggers that have done comparisons too. x

    @bettzy thanks I love them too x

    @LaaLaa I agree x

  4. Love it!
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  5. Ooooh yey you got it! It looks so pretty and amazingly pigmented for the price! Too bad there's no Superdrug here ):

  6. that palette looks delish!!! i'm obsessed with products I don't own and always want to try them haha

  7. why do you UKers get all the good makeup brands we dont get here in the states!!! This palette looks like something i would just LOVE using! Can't wait to see you do a look with it!!!!

  8. @gaby ohh but im sure you have lots of good make up brands and shops we dont instead! LOL xx

    @maryam haha me too! Im on a spending ban as saving up so the naked palette wasn't an option so i thought this would be my budget version! xx

    @Alexis Nooooo you get NYX, WetnWild and all them fun stuff, I would kill for the UK to do the whole NYX range and have them WnW palettes LOL! and I shall definatley do a look this week I have one in mind right now! xx


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