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Friday, 19 August 2011

Barry M lipsticks - Shade 121 (Red Shade) and a little mention of the infamous horror that is shade 101 (Nude Shade)

Barry M....What can I say I LOVE their nail polishes, truly. So when I bought some of their lipsticks to try it I figured it would be a love situation too. They come in quite a nice sleek black casing with BarryM embossed in gold on the top, pretty nice BUT ohh have I been wrong so far, When I got 2 they were on special offer 2 for £6 I think or possibly 2 for £5, and I also got the well known 101/Marshmallow AKA Concealer lips lip colour - not a good look. I got a red because I didn't have a good red at the time as I did get these a while back, and I got the other marshmallow shade *cough cough* concealer lipstick because I wanted a good nude (this was before I got Sleek's True Colour 'BabyDoll') Well I haven't even bothered to photograph the 101 nude as it's gone missing, can't say im too upset over that.

I tried 101 Marshmallow the nude first OMG that was seriously DRYING, even with lipbalm/vaseline and the shade - horrendous. Way too white toned I really would mistake it for a concealer if I didn't know better but I let that pass and thought it might just be me or 101......So I tried this baby - shade 121 (it's a bit worn apologies!)
Looks a pretty decent red, cool toned, and I liked when swatched in store, god knows what possessed me, I blame the lighting in store, it's the only explanation!It really isn't much different to 101 apart form colour, it has the same awful drying tendency, it's waxy, hard to apply as it drags and it felt like it took any moisture out of my lips all together even though I a) Don't have dry lips and b) Had carmex and vaseline on them before applying......PLUS the red is really not flattering on me, it makes me look pale and I definatley suit warmed toned reds, or reds that lean abit more to pink, I have tried with this lipstick, really I have, I even wore it on a night out and felt dreadful in it, and c'mon girls we don't go to the effort of wearing makeup to feel dreadful do we!
It doesn't look so bad in the picture but in real life teamed with the dryness and the awful heavy feeling it's a no-no, I will be sticking with my Rimmel Moisture extreme red I love or I have heard good things about MUA's red lipstick and I do love their lipsticks in general (and for a bargain £1!)

I don't think i'll be trying any Barry M lipsticks in the future even though they have some really cool shades, these really disappointed me....unless any of you lovely ladies have had a good experience with other Barry M lippies?
Oh well Barry M you will always be my nail polish prince - forever! LOL

Vikki xoxoxo

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  1. never tried a Barry M lipstick, hope not all of them are like this one :s

  2. All their lippies are extremely drying..ugh!

  3. Great color =)


  4. I've heard so much great stuff about Barry M makeup and this lipstick is just gorgeous!!!


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