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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Designer Nail wraps from Nail Rock

Let me introduce to you 'Nail Rock' Nail Rock is a company specialising in the above stunning nail wraps (like MINX nails but you can do these yourself!) Now im sure you have all seeing Beyonce rocking some lush metallic wraps or Katy Perry's colourful ones she loves so much and now you can have these yourself at the bargain price of £6.65!
Click to Enlarge to View Designs

The wraps last upto 7 days on fingerails and upto 8 weeks on the toes imagine that! A whole summer without having to worry about your feet looking pretty in Flip-Flops!

They take just 15 minutes to apply and don't chip or stain the nail there is a choice of  over 25 different styles including metallic gold, silver and bronze; snakeskin, denim, polka dots and animal print. The Nail Rocks pack contains a full set of nail wraps for fingernails and toes.

Best thing is they are available in your favourite high street shops - Topshop, Bank, Lipsy, River Island, New look, Miss Selfridge, aswell as online at ASOS, Miss Guided and the Official Nail Rock site HERE

Also be sure to watch this quick video if you plan on purchasing them as it shows you how quick and simple to apply they are - 

I will definatley be trying these out and writing another post, I love them all but I think my faves are all the animal print ones as we know I love my animal print patterns! The lace ones are really pretty too plus stripes and polka dots are really in style at the moment and the metallics are great for them summer parties and nights out

Which is your favourite design?

Vikki xoxo

EDIT: I have now tried these out read my review HERE


  1. id love that pink leopard design for my toes~~~~they look very convenient to use


  2. oh i want to try these to and the brighter the better i seem some in primark quiet cheap i mite give them a go..some eles on my never ending list of things to buy oh wellthe pain of being a girl :)x

  3. These are so pretty!


  4. I love designer nails! I always get mine done! :)

  5. sounds like a nice brand :) thanks for sharing.

  6. loving all the nail patterns xxxx

  7. @barbie_dolly i know us women want everything LOL and ooh I didn't know primark did them, when I try these out I will deffo blog about them

    @precious I agree! :)

    @Jelena yep they look so unique than just nail polish

    @Sara they do look nice don't they, quite reasonable priced too

    @kirsty i know they're all nice dont know how I will pick!! LOL


  8. I have to try this nail rock stuff!

  9. ooooo I love these!!! of course, I'm obsessed with all the animal print ones :)))

  10. wow these looks cool..I am so bad with painting my own nails I wonder if I would be able to do this myself

  11. @andrea grace - yep they look so fab don't they x

    @maryam - hahah yep you animal print obsessive just like me! x

    @andrea D - check out the youtube video they look quite easy :) x

  12. Great post! These look like great products. =) Great blog. Now following. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


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