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Friday, 3 June 2011

'Fierce' Palette & a lil EOTD (EYE OF THE DAY)

So todays post is a EOTD (eye of the day) normally I just do FOTDs (face of the day) BUT I didn't like the patchy foundation I had and really couldn't get an all over decent image of the make up thanks to my camera!

SOOOO I used the 'Fierce' Palette which I mentioned I had before when I used the other palette from this range which was Star see the post HERE that was the Smokey version and this is a more colourful one you get a turquoise, lilacy purple, copper and mauve toned brown

Although I thought the Star one was ok, I don't really like this 'Fierce' one the pigmentation is dreadful I could barely get the blue to show up and the lilac took some work to get it to show plus they had a fair bit of fall out and were abit chalky even the darker last 2 browns didn't show that well and the turquoise was the chalkiest of all

So here is my EOTD

I used the lighter brown all over my eye the turquoiseon the inner corners to middle of the lid and then the lilac from the middle out to the end and brown on the crease and added thick liquid liner, I also used the turquoise on my waterline which felt awful it been so powdery (lesson learn LOL)

I will put this one full shot on, the colour on my lips is NYC Peach Ice one of my fave cheap listicks love the colour
Vikki xoxoxo


  1. wow vikki that is goooorgeous!!!

  2. Lovely makeup. You're gorgeous. Lovely blog. Following (; xx

  3. Ohmygosh, I love your makeup, so creative <3 You're really gorgeous as well :)


  4. Beautiful eyes and gorgeous makeup! Also I loved your tutorial for eye brows: very handy!
    p.s. The story about 'happiness' is quite inspirational, if i can say so... Love your blog!


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