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Monday, 20 June 2011

False Eyelashes/KK Center HK REVIEW

So today I was sent some eyelashes to review from http://kkcenterhk.com which is a great site that does fabulous and cheap products from wigs, make up/make up palettes, nails, brushes, etc. They do a range of lashes from bright fancy dress style ones to natural ones and in lots of range of different lengths and thickness, aswell as also bottom lashes.

The ones I got are - '10 Pair Clear Band Dense Fake Lashes' which are type 'A111' you can view these exact ones HERE these cost $8 which is around £5 and I am amazed how cheap they are but fantatsic quality, usually you spend that amount on one pair but with these you get 10! Shipping is worldwide but pricing depends on where and what type of shipping, as these are shipped from Hong Kong, mine got here really fast I think it was about 3-4 days which is great.
I chose to get the clear band dense ones as I love long lashes but don't like them too thick or heavy as they can weigh my eyes down so these were ideal as they were long but not too thick I also thought the clear band would look more natural. They were really easy to apply and normally some lashes can be 'stiff' and hard to apply but these were easy to work with,

 The back of the box also came with instructions and a little diagram if you're totally new to applying lashes
The only thing these lashes don't come with is glue but that is not a problem as I tend to use 'Duo glue' or the 'Ardell Lash Grip' one as these always work better than the glue you get with normal lashes anyway.

My routine is pretty much what these instructions say but I thought I will add a few pics as I go along -

So firstly measure them across your eye and cut off any excess line length:
Then apply whatever glue this was a wand type (eyelure) THEN always let your glue go 'tacky' for 10secs or so as this helps them adhere better:
Then with tweezers apply them central to your eye and a slight pressure for a few second:
To show the difference this my naked eye and then the other pic as you can see with the lashes my eyelashes look natural but with great length and so much better

 Also make sure after to line your top lashline with a gel or liquid liner just to blend in the lashes with your own so it's not an obvious 'join'
  Sorry for the blurry side pic but I wanted a profile shot of the length of them, the liner pen I used was Collection 2000 Felt tip 24hr Liner. 

And then the last and final side by side shot of my naked eye VS my fully done up lash eye, my lashes aren't even that short and are quite thick but on this pic I practically look bald thats how much these lashes make your eyes pop.

I would definatley purchase these from KK Center HK again as they have great customer service and they were very polite when emailing and they did so well sending the products out really fast,  on top of that the prices really are fantastic and these lashes are also re-usable you can just clean the glue off with a little eye make up remover and keep them in the packaging. I also wouldn't recommend them to my lovely readers if I didn't believe they were a great site as I am not being paid for this post I got sent these to review in MY opinion and so my opinion is honest as always and I give this company a 10/10 so I recommend you all go check out http://kkcenterhk.com now!

P.S It also sells the Manly 120 palettes that I often use in my make up look and usually are hard to get hold of in the UK you can see a selection of them HERE
Make sure you also like KK Center HK on facebook HERE for details of new products and special offers

I am also going to be doing a Make up look or Face of the day post soon wearing these soon as this is just a more detailed post so wanted to just focus on the lashes and my eye!
Vikki xoxox


  1. i think these ones looks quite natural on you~~~cuz thought they are long, but not dense~~~i like it~~~


  2. i need some of those kewl boxes of lashes!:)

  3. that is a great natural false lash! I'm addicted to false eyelashes. These look fabulous on you.

  4. i love these lashes! they look so natural ! Xx


  5. those look amazing and quite natural actually :)))

  6. they look so natural. I like these lashes !!
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!


  7. they look really good - i must get some x


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