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Thursday, 16 June 2011

SCANDALOUS hair products

SCANDALOUS hair have some exciting new arrivals! 

These include -

  • Irresistibly straight smooth cream (rrp £4.99) - A smoothing cream that I will be speaking more about later in this post
  • Insatiable shine glossing shampoo (rrp £4.99) - This contains milk proteins and murumuru butter which transforms dull hair into glossy, shiny and most of all soft locks once again.
  • Insatiable shine glossing conditioner (rrp £4.99) - The accompnying conditioner to the above shampoo, which contails red seaweed extract and kukui nut oil which infuses the hair with even more shine just adding to that glossy, silky and most of all glamorous look
  • Ravishing radiance colour care shampoo (rrp £4.99) - All the ladies that colour their hair will understand how annoying it is when that once gorgeous colour starts fading, colour fades from the first wash so this shampoo is enriched with sunflower extract which keeps that lovely colour from fading and makes your hair look as fab as it did when first coloured
  • Ravinshing radiance colour care conditioner (rrp £4.99) - The accompnying conditioner to the above contains 2 antioxidants - aswell as the sunflower extract I mentioned above it also has vitamin E for even more powerful protection from colour fading. 
  • Finally Bad girl curl cream (rrp £4.99) - For all my curly haired lovelies smooth this through the length of your hair after washing and towel drying and you will be left with voluptous curls and as this is formulated with nourishing wheat germ oil your style will last all night long and well into the morning!

I tried out 2 products - one from the range I just mentioned and another Scandalous product, First up was this 'Intensively Glossy Rescue Treatment'
*click all pics to enlarge if you want to read packaging*

I had recentley dyed my hair and due to the dye I used which was different to my normal one my hair was feeling unusually dry and not it's best, I try not to use too much heat on my hair, I use straighteners around twice a week sometimes three times but that's it, and I rarely blow dry my hair, but I needed a little boost back in my hair so after I shampoo'd I used this rescue treatment all you do is massage it in root to tip, leave it in for 30 seconds (yes just 30 seconds its that good!) and then rinse it twice as long as you would an average conditioner and voila! Smooth and nourished hair! On top of that it smells absoloutley fantastic, as does the whole Scandalous range, and it's a fragrance that lasts unlike alot of products, This product is a temporary quick fix and not a weekly treatment (I use Aussie 3 minute miracle usually) but I think this will be great for that extra boost every so often when I dye my hair, my mum has bleached hair and I have let her try it and she had some bleach-damage from colouring and she also was very impressed at the results so I would recommend using this in the same way you do a face mask 'as a once in a while treat'! I would rate it an A* love it!

Next I tried the Irresitibly straight smoothing cream which I have wrote about above -

This is a cream you put on before blow drying, just towel dry hair apply it root to tip and then blow dry (with a large paddle brush for best sleek results) and I have just said I don't really blow dry my hair this is because I feel blow drying my hair makes it dry and takes the moisture out totally, I usually towel dry my hair, comb it, let it dry naturally (quite wavy naturally but if I comb it straight it's more just 'kinky') and then straighten it from there and im good to go, but as I had just tried the rescue treatment and wanted to try this I thought for once I will blow dry it, and I was BLOWN away gone was that dry and dull feeling I usually have, and my hair was so soft and a few friends even commented that it looked like I had been to a salon and the best bit to this was I didn't even need to re-straighten my hair again until I washed it, normally when I sleep I get a few kinks or mess my hair up or even the odd bit of frizz but this kept it all in smooth and silky condition and I am happy I can finally blow dry my hair again so don't have to go through the hassle of waiting for it to naturally dry when im in a rush, both these rrp at £4.99 and all the Scandalous products is exclusively available at nationwise Superdrug stores, you can also shop online on www.superdrug.com which has FREE delivery on everything until midnight on the 19th June so hurry!

I can't wait to try more products by Scandalous! Heres some terrible pics of me as most of my make up had just been washed away in the shower LOL but I hope you can see how smooth my hair looks, it's a shame you can't feel the silkiness through the screen haha!

Anyone else got any favourite Scandalous products?
Vikki xoxox


  1. oh these look good i will have to try them as i have that kinda of wild beehive hair lol and i am always looking for new products but always think will they work if it smells great to then i deffo want to get some,and if it can tame my hair and make it feel soft then i will be one happy bunny my hair hair literally drives me mentally insanse everyday :) x

  2. Hi Vikki, I haven't tried the SCANDALOUS hair products before, I'm not sure if they are available in Australia, but I'll definitely be jumping online and having a look!

    Kisses, Melanie

  3. I dont think superdrug will deliver to the US :( but i love the packaging of this, i love the name and your hair (and you of course) looks GORGEOUS!!!! I'm super jealous- i would love to try this!

  4. your hair looks amazingly straight! I don't really straighten my hair often anymore, but this seems like a great product ;)

    Btw, Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway ;)

    I'm having a giveaway at 12:01PM
    check out my features in the meantime ;)

  5. Your hair looks beautiful. I have long, dark hair as well but I left it too long between cuts and it has become damaged. I will look into this product.

    You have a fantastic blog and I will definitly come back to read more of your posts! I wish you all the luck in the world with your blog (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  6. @barbie dolly - definatley check them out hun they're all under £5 so a good price just to try out, the smoothing cream will prob be great for you especially

    @beauty and bows - Definatley have a look online as a few UK items do pop up overseas

    @the honeyB - aw thank you lovely, I would have a look online as other stores apart from superdrug might get them

    @collegecurl13 - they have a fab range for curls too!

    @voe - thanks for the lovely comment thats really sweet and the rescue treatement sounds like it would be great for your hair xx

  7. nice! i didn't know scandalous made hair products



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