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Saturday, 4 June 2011

MORE personal pics - Last year's Zoo day out

So as i'ver done a few beauty posts alately I thought I would mix it up with some personal pics, I forgot about the album I had these in on facebook as I uploaded them ages ago as this is basically from our trip to Chester Zoo last year, I had such a fun time it was probably one of the most fun days of my year as I hadn't been to a Zoo since I was like 10! SO I didn't have my blog then to post them I thought i'd show you the lovely pics now as it was a really good memory for me i'd like to share - Enjoy! P.S....I am scheduling 5 make up posts tonight to post over the next week for those of you that prefer those over more personal posts like this LOL.

I LOVE this shot of the elephant, he (or she lol) looks so placid and cute aww I want to print this out and hang it on my wall now!
Then we saw SNAKES!! My phobia I feel a chill even looking at this abit, I don't know how I even photographed them :-s
Next a swinging monkey (I think it's some type of money anyway?!) I just wanted to stroke it it looks like a fluffy teddy bear
 All these penguins look lost or like they're looking for directions ha ha
The spikey thing below is actually a fish i've never seen nothing like it, it looks like the most fashionista fish ever as spikes are in fashion LOL
What pretty blue and yellow colours these birds are I feel like doing a make up look inspired by these (hmmm maybe thats for a new post next week watch this space!)
 Ash and Sulise have seen something of interest I like to catch these back of the head but cute moments!
 Zeeeeeeeeebra! I love ZEBRA print so was so excited to see a real life zebra
 This Deer is just having a chill :)
 As is this sleepy lion! Afternoon siesta!
 The Cheetah below was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen
 Aww look at him staring at me!! Sooooooooooooo freakin cute
 Giraffs look at them all!! Cuteness!
 and this is the cutest pic I got hands down, look at them - they're hugging
 Me and Sulise cannot believe how much my hairs grown in a year! I look soooo tired as i'd gone Au natural on my face as I didn't want to be walking around the zoo with a face full of make up it was just a nice chill out ugg boots and tracksuit day!
 HUUUUUUUUUGE turtles (or tortoise?!) with their BIG houses

 Another Giraffe shot as I was so obsessed by them!
 Pink flamingos!!! Look at them all, what a cool family :)
 I'll leave you with my final fave - Leopard! Couldn't get a really good pic he kept turning his back but just like the cheetah purely stunning
I have some more of more fish and repeat shots of various animals but I didn't want to bore you too much theres more on my facebook if anyones really interested theres a button at the sidebar which will take you to my personal page

Chester Zoo is really amazing, it was around £15 per person from what I can remember but take your own drinks/snacks because they are quite expensive
Vikki xoxo


  1. I laughed out loud when I read what you wrote about the penguins :) Cute!
    I didn't look at the snake picture... So scared of them! They gross me out!

    I like the personal posts honey, they're fun! :)


  2. aww the pictures are cute i like the monkeys and penguines i want to go to the zoo i went last year and loved it although i dont know what all the animals are ha :) x

  3. @laiqah haha I know I cound never hold one I think i'd faint i'd be terrified LOL x

    @barbie_dolly ye I was like that theres loads I have them im like errrrm is that an animal or a fish or a plant hahahaha x

  4. Enjoyed going through this post :) I love animals :) <3

  5. Thanks for your comment! Really like your blog!

  6. Lovely blog!



  7. OMG, how fun!
    Haven't been to a Zoo in forever. I need to go asap.

    xo $ARMIN


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