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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Honolulu Bronzer & A Golden Face of the day!!

Today I did this post as half review/half FOTD (well yesterdays FOTD but blogger was playing up all last night and I couldn't upload any pics!) SO the new product I have is w7 Honolulu which is a bronzer and incedibly similar to Benefits Hoola, I have seen this on a few other blogs and so have alot of people so I thought i'd incorporate it into a make up look post aswell so it wasn't just about the bronzer.
W7 is a UK brand found in a few discount shops like Xtras/Savers/Bodycare but I bought mine online at Fragrance Direct for £2.25 and there is quite a few on Ebay that ship worldwide for all my non-UK readers. So above is the packaging its cardboard but very sturdy and super pretty I am a sucker for pretty packaging! And above also is the brush that comes with it which is so cute with its pink tips but unfortunatley it is also pretty useless so its been tossed to one side!

 It is a medium matte shade bronzer quite similar to my Rimmel Sunshimmer medium matte which as you may know is my current favourite bronzer, It is perfect for my olive toned skin but as it is quite light I think it will be best for light-medium tones and because it is matte it is ideal for contouring, if you're wanting a great wash of colour on your cheeks this isn't really going to do the job unless you build it up BUT as a natural easy everyday bronzer I think it is great, This is the swatch -

So the look of the day I thought I would do as yesterday was fairly sunny was a 'Golden Peach' one. I used a light peachy orange eyeshadow someone gave me from Marks&Spencers all over my lid and added the golden colour from the Sleek Original pallette on the crease and outer corners then I used black shadow applied with an angled brush for a soft alternative to eyeliner on my lashline and a Sleek kohl eyeliner pencil on my waterline and on my lips my Max Factor golden 'Tiramisu' lipliner and a tan/golden lipgloss which is Revlon Colorstay in shade Neverending Nude.

I also teamed it with my new fave hairband this golden flowers one which is perfect for summer and was only £1.50 for primark, You can see a better idea of the flowers with this below pic I LOVE it!! Its not the neatest on as I just shoved it on for the photos sake LOL.
Whilst in Primark I also picked up a few bits including these 2 cute pairs of earrings for summer which are soooo cute!

So as I was having a bit of a chill out day aswell as orange golden day I stayed in my new Snoopy vest-nightshirt and then I thought I had to match my nails to this look so I did! I am going to be doing a full Review and NOTD of this polish in a few days so look out for that :)

Vikki xoxox


  1. I love how your eye shadow colour goes with your lip colour, gorgeous :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the matching nails and lipstick! xx

  3. Lovely FOTD, I need to find that bronzer too!


  4. the bronzer looks a nice colour and i love the parrot earing super cute you look great as always do you ever look a mess lol i always do ha :) x

  5. So pretty Vikki!
    I really want that bronzer... Is W7 a UK brand?


  6. Your make up looks lovely :)
    Great review!

  7. thanks jazzy and loubouLush!!! :) xx

    and @barbie_dolly aw thanks they were only £1 in primark they're cute for summer arent they! and haha without make up i do! Im sure you don't LOL xx

    @Laiqah ye it is but they sell it all over as i saw a blogger from australia with it? If i can find it i'll send you a link xx

    @thirteen jewellery thank u xx

  8. you have such beautiful brown eyes! I really love the way Honolulu looks on you. Too bad I'm too dark for it. You're so pretty!

  9. @honey B awwww big hugz thanks for that lovely comment!!! love your new avatar you look stunning in it xxx

  10. Very pretty makeup! Nice match with the nails and love the earrings.


  11. You're so beautiful. I love that bronzer...one of my fav.


  12. @dhalia thanks thats so sweet :) x

    @the bird queen thank you :) x

    @the beautifier thanks hun :) x


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