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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lip of the day - Maybelline and NYX my new everyday fave combo!

So today instead of a FOTD - face of the day or EOTD - eye of the day im doing a LOTD - lip of the day! This is because I have these 2 new products that I teamed together and loved so thought they deserved  post of their own! I've been looking for a everday daytime combination and this is perfect for so many looks!

First up the lipstick in question is Maybelline Moisture Extreme in shade 'Anemone'

So as you can see 'Anemone' is a bit of a MLBB (my lips but better) type shade its a medium brown-y/coral and it gives a lovely shimmery shiny finish, similar to a gloss and from the swatch you can see it is fairly sheer

On the lips this is what it looks like I think it will look great with neutral colours but also with a smokey eye/night time looks too as it's just one of them fantastic versatile shades i've been looking for a shade like this FOREVER!
Next up what I teamed it with was a NYX long lip pencil in shade 'Nutmeg' I had never tried any NYX lipliners or products but again I wanted something I could wear everyday and this brown lipliner will go with alot of different shades I wear, this is long lasting and so easy to apply it doesn't drag at all so I will definatley be purchasing more shades, I also have my first lot of NYX round lipsticks on order so excited for those! I love the little lady character design on the pencil too, im a sucker for anything cute like that!

NYX is quite hard to get hold of in the UK, but Fragrance Direct stocks quite a few products and Cherry Culture which is an american site ship to the UK it just will cost more than average P&P charges

The lipliner was £1.99 from Fragrance Direct and available in about 4 other shades I think it was. I will be doing more make up looks specifically FOTDs with these products.
If you know any more great stockists of NYX in the UK drop me a comment or if you have a fave everyday lipstick i'd love to know :)

Vikki xoxox


  1. Lovely shade!! i love maybelline lippies <3

  2. That's such a pretty colour!^^

  3. its kinda like a peachy shade~~~i like it~~~really great for summer~~~


  4. Very nice shade, looks great!


  5. :) thanks rakhshanda, shang, jessy and precious xxxx

  6. Beautiful combo! =)


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  7. I need to start wearing lipliner! What an awesome combo!!! Love it!

  8. thanks D.Sadie & Leah

    and @HoneyB I wouldn't be without lipliner now but I only started wearing it recentley! my lipstick used to smudge alot but its alot better now xx

  9. This is a really pretty color!


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