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Friday, 22 April 2011

New stuff :) Rimmel Red Lipstick and W7 Gel Liner Review.....and a miracle spot cure?!

So this post is mainly about 2 products my PERFECT red lipstick and my first gel eyeliner I picked up,

I'll start off with the lipstick, it's Rimmel Moisture Renew in 'Rose Passion (80)' and this is the first moisture renew lipstick I have tried from Rimmel but in general I love Rimmel as a company and for products, I love this one also because it comes in a purple metallic casing which is so pretty,
Excuse my chipped nail polish in the pics it was just before I changed it LOL (yes it really was haha).....anyway this applies so creamy and soft and it really is moistourising not only that but the main plus is its LONG WEARING! It does slightly stain the lips when you try to remove it but I can't express what a bright colour it is, it is a vibrant (orange toned) red and I do mean v-i-b-r-a-n-t LOL I did find it abit overpowering to wear at first but if you team it with neutral eyes it looks very eyecatching and pretty here's a swatch:
I would highly recommend these im not sure if these are no discountinued as I got mine in a discount shop but I have had a look online and plenty of sites have this available so if you are a similar colourings to me and looking for that perfect red I strongly recommend this, I took some snaps of me wearing it too.....

So next up is the gel eyeliner it's 'W7 Paint the Line' that I got I have never tried gel liner always wanted to get the maybelline one EVERYOOOOOONE raves about buy every time i'm in my superdrug I do not see it LOL so I spotted this yesterday and as it was only a couple of pounds I picked it up, when I got home I realised it was probably cheaper than usual as it was 'black/glitter' not just 'black' but when on and swatched it actually isn't glittery which is a good thing for me but a bad thing for people that bought it and may have wanted the glitter :-s

Now with it you get a brush, the brush actually isn't terrible but it isn't the best or great, the gel itself I found not to be very pigmented, I often apply black eyeshadow as liner using an angled brush for a softer look than liquid and when you put this gel liner over that it looks quite good (im wearing it in the above pic of me wearing the Rimmel lipstick) but that is just an added hassle, I wouldn't really recommend it for people wanting a good quality every day decent gel eyeliner but it was great for a newbie to gel eyeliners like me to make sure I could apply it decently and get a feel for it, so I now am definatley going to buy a better gel liner BUT one thing I can say about this (when worn over the eye shadow like I mentioned) is it LASTS, I had a 6hr shoot yesterday I put it on around midday and I didn't get home until like 11pm and had been in a absoloutley boiling room full of heavy studio lights and it didn't run or really budge so I do give it a big thumbs up for that,
You can even see from the top swatch it isn't strongly pigmented and I would have preferred an angled brush as thats so much easier for creating cat-eye eyeliner flicks, but who am I to complain LOL

Whilst I was in town I picked up a new pink polka dot make up bag just for my handbag as my other one was abit grubby looking and I was bored of it and also got some Sudocrem (nappy rash cream LOL) as I read Cheryl Cole uses this as a spot miracle cure and then I saw an interview with some of the girls from 'The only way is essex' (TV show) and they also said they were using it and slathering it on their faces before bed and apparentley you wake up with fantastic skin but to be honest I have been trying this for a few days and the first day I had no spots to start with and when I woke up had a few very little ones so thats not good but I am going to persevere and see what happens, I shall keep you updated :)

On another note I FINALLY got my new camcorder today im so exicted I can finally make proper youtube make up vids and stuff instead of using my webcam and been really constricted to what I could film.....so expect some new vids over the weekend, I have done a few before but there's only a few (do subscribe to my channel though on www.youtube.com/vikkigabrielle then you will get my updates I hope to have some done over the weekend)


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