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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

FOTD purple smokey eye and nude lips

So today I did a purple quite dark look for such a warm day LOL but I wanted to wear my new SLEEK True Colour 'baby doll' lipstick I mentioned in my last post and thought the nude colour would look great with dark eyes (obviously the gorge signature look of Kim kardashian although this is NOT a kim kardashian inspired post or anything!) anyway the purple I used was an MUA eye dust in shade 4 (a pigment) the intensity of this is fab its a very charcoaly dark purple and abit on the grey side so different to the usual smokey black colours, This was the look I ended up creating (more finished snaps at the end of the post)

I basically used the pigment all across my eyelid and used a silver eyeshadow which is very shimmery and more like a highlighter on my brow  bone
You can see here the inital colour and before I blended it and after, the eyeshadow is N.Y.C cube in shade 'Tony' I wouldn't use it alone as an eyeshadow but it is great for highlighting and awakening the eyes

Then added liquid liner for more defintion, it's the 2true liquid liner and put on mascara

This is 'Babydoll' in case you didn't catch my post on this check it here, I still need to do a FOTD with the fuchsia it looked fab on my night out on Saturday

Finished off with some beige and lilac feather earrings (primark £1.50 i think) to match my lilac tube top and purple eyecolor :)

If you want to know any other specific products I used let me know in the comments, I normally list them all but I used pretty much the same things (foundation/concealer/mascara/etc) as always so thought I wouldn't repeat myself again LOL just look back at a few of my more recent FOTD posts and it will most likely be them same products just the different pigment and lipstick

AND heres a few pics to finish off with of my finished look, my face melted off by the end of the day haha it has been so warm and all I have done is moan as the boy has been dragging me around all day to look at Macbooks, CDs, etc LOL (the joys of being a DJ's partner haha btw if you are into urban/rnb music you can download his FREE mixCD here http://soundcloud.com/dj-sniper-d-remix-kid/urban-assault-vol-2-2011-mixed it is insanely good I have it on repeat and im not just saying that cos hes mine lol )

Until next time Vikki xoxoxo


  1. I love purple smokey eyes paired with nude lips, it's so sexy! :) x

  2. sooo beautiful!!! love that purple smokey :))


  3. your earrings is so cute! I love you lip color :)

  4. Super Pretty. I love purple xOx.

  5. very beautiful :) and i love your feather earrings!

  6. VERY sexy look! and i LOVE your brows! I wish i could do "sexy face" like that but every time I try I just look like a geek. LOL

  7. Very pretty Vikki!!
    You look gorgeous as ever!
    Loving babydoll though... Very pretty!

  8. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments much appreciated p.s honey B im sure you dont look like a geek it takes me sooo many attempts to get photos im decently happy with haha xxxxx

  9. you look stunning! i love the mua pigments :) xx



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