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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Pretty in Pink......Pink eyeshadow FOTD with a Turquoise NOTD

So I decided to randomly do a pink look for when I ventured out this weekend, Because I was wearing quite a simple outfit (Black dress) I wouldn't normally wear bright and I don't think I have ever worn pink eyeshadow LOL,

I picked up a few Products in Superdrug one was a lovely fuschia lipstick from the MUA range (shade 3) this is me the night before before I went bowling just trying it out (here it was teamed with the Lilac eyes I had been wearing all day) {Click pics to enlarge}

It is much more pinker in person so anyway here is the finished product of my 'Pink Look' using this lipstick these 2 pics were with flash and the rest are just in natural lighting if it looks slightly different....

I started by doing all the usual steps (foundation, concealer, eyebrows) I will post all the products at the end, and then used a medium pink first (all Manly 120 pallette but any pinks work) just over my lid and slightly shaded out, I then used a deep purple on my waterline with an angled brush even though you can't see that colour really well
Then I wanted a brighter pop of colour so used a really bright pink which as you can see from the brush is nearly neon I blended this in the outer corner 'V'

I did also use a very light shimmery pink on my browbone, to highlight and added a top line of liquid eyeliner and black mascara 
For the lips I used the fuschia MUA lipstick I mentioned before and a Sleek Pout Polish in 'Pink Cadillac' which adds abit of gloss and conditions lips as this particular shade of MUA lipstick I found wasn't as creamy as a few others I have
I HAD to team it with these fantastic feather earrings I have I love these my mum bought them me at the end of last year,
I used no bronzing powder as I thought it would be too OTT and just a girly pink blush to finish
I tried to get some pics of the night so I could do an outfit post too.....BUUUUT it was one of them nights were I couldn't get a nice photo of me and Ash and he made me stop after a few failed attempts LOL

My nails were Sleek NAILED 'Turqouise' thats not me on the night it was a pic I had from when I had it on last weekend and thought it showed how bright it was as thats in a pretty dark club......yesterday I added some felt tip marker pen dots which I alwaaaays used to love doing to my nails when I was bored at school LOL it really didn't last as soon as I washed my hands a few times but it was fun to do and looked kinda cute!

Heres the full list of products I used:
  • Rimmel 25hr foundation (shade 201)
  • Benefit IT stick
  • Bourjois Little Blush Pot (rose d'or)

  • Manly 120 pallette for main colours
  • Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer
  • Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil
  • Barry M black mascara
  • Collection 2000 felt tip liner
  • Maybelline mono shadow 'Delicate rose' to highlight
  • MUA shade 3
  • Sleek Pout polish 'Pink Cadillac'

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend
Vikki xoxo


  1. beautiful!

    i love the pink makeup and the turquoise nails.
    also, i love that feather earrings!

  2. sooo pretty!!! you have beautiful eyes :)))


  3. @reina @charlotte @maryam thank you at all you gorgeous ladies!!


  4. Pretty as always... love the dots on the nails ;-)

  5. That look looks great on you!!
    ps-you have the MOST PERFECT eyebrows lol!!

  6. Great look! You are very pretty :)

  7. you look so pretty :) WOW! love your nails too

    Hey, I am holding a giveaway contest on my blog. Do check it out if you're interested. xx

  8. @Mei Mei thank you :) x

    @kat aw thanks they've finally grown back I went overboard with the tweezers a few month ago they were AWFUL lol, Its down to that rimmel eyebrow pencil too i love that

    @musicalhouses Aw thanks

    @Sara thank you hun I shall have a look at your giveaway x

  9. Really pretty. Your one Gorgeous lady.

  10. Love this post!



  11. you are gorgeous!!!! i love that first picture of you!!!!

  12. lovely make up and your nails are so cool too! :)


  13. sexy mamacita! I love your lips and the nails are so unique and bold love it babe xx

  14. aww thanks Sana/Honey B/Viktoria and Mevish!!!! xxx

  15. I like your feather earrings! :D

    Great look BTW, :)


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