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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

These are new out from Sleek and they come in 20 beautiful shades,

They have lovely black packaging quite plain but simple, similar to barry m's lipsticks just more round instead of square, half the range is 'Sheen' and half is 'Matte' the 2 shades I got are 'Fuchsia' and 'Baby Doll'

These are both part of the sheen half I was torn between 'fuchsia' and a matte one which was very very similar just the matte finish instead (which is shade 'Amped') and after half an hour of swatching them both over and over I felt the matte one slightly dragged on my hand and I do think you would need to wear lipbalm under these as they seemed abit drying but the sheen one was really silky so obviously would be more moistourising so chose that, THEN I was torn between 'Baby Doll' a gorgeous nude and 'Pink Freeze' a lovely pinky watermelon colour similar to MACs impassioned, (I decided on Baby Doll as I don't have a really good nude and I think I am going to buy MACs impassioned next time I visit MAC) you can see all the shades here there is orange, berry colours, some sizzling reds and many more you really need to swatch them to understand how beautiful they are! They are priced at £3.99 but in SUPERDRUG are on offer for 2 for £5.99

I am going to wear 'Fuchsia' when I go out tonight, the pigmentation is amazing, I have been dying for a lip colour like this for ages and was going to get 'Candy Yum Yum' at MAC until it sold out on me, although this isn't a dupe of that it is right up my street and  it is a perfect summer bright pink with purple undertones and it is pretty much opaque they may be called sheen but really like I said there is nothing sheer about them, I cannot wait unil Sleek bring out there Lip Tars, the lipsticks go on so easily and last a few hours they just feel 'nice' on too not heavy and they don't dry your lips at all, Babydoll is the perfect nude as it on the baby pink side so you don't get that dreaded 'Concealer looking lipstick' LOL

I took a few pics wearing 'Fuchsia' - {click any pic to enlarge}

The brightness really doesn't show on my camera but it is super bright......but wearable

And then I took some pics of me wearing 'Baby Doll'

If you are a Sleek fan or even a lipstick fan you need at least 2 of these in your life!

Who else has these and what shades are you liking?

Vikki xoxox


  1. Love both colors! Wish we had SLEEK in the US

  2. The fuchsia makes you look absolutely stunning!

  3. @Sana Aww a few people from the US have said that before some products from sleek sometime go on ebay i'd check there or Sleek should take note and start posting to the US! If it helps I wish the UK had NYX and the Wet & Wild pallettes lol xx

    @Opal thanks hun, Its such a pretty colour xx

  4. WOW, those colors look amazing on you. :)thanks for sharing.

  5. OMG Fuschia is just amazing! I love it and it looks absolutely stunning on you.


  6. wow, love both colors on you and the packaging so sooo... well, SLEEK!!!


  7. baby doll is such a nice colour i love pale-ish/nude pink

  8. wow, both look gorgeous on you! Every time someone posts Sleek items i get very envious! Love these on you!

  9. awesome blog! Im a new follower


  10. wow fuschia looks amazing! :) xx


  11. nice! im so excited to try sleek. im lucky my friend has a shop were every girls in the philippines can buy sleek. my friends shop http://facebook.com/starmaineshop.



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