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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Shopping Trip/Khaki Liner FOTD....

So today I went shopping to leeds with my mum and I got some fab stuff in H&M and Primark....I'll blog about them soon or maybe video somethings as I STILL haven't used my new camcorder im so bad! So I decided to wear my thick chunky knit jumper dress (with leggings) and thought I would do a similar colour on my eye I didn't want necessarily a full eye of khaki shadow SO after seeing quite a few bloggers mention coloured liners alatley (and im my Green eyes blog a while back I mentioned Leona Lewis wearing green liner....you can check that here) I decided anyway to do a 'khaki liner' look, now im sure you have heard before that for a softer alternative to liquid or gel liner I sometimes use a black eyeshadow applied with an angled brush....well as the only coloured liners I have are bronze, blue and turqouise I improvised by using a khaki eyeshadow from my Manly 120 pallette....I kept a pretty bare eye and just used a primer and abit of natural colour beige shadow first then applied the khaki shadow and some black shadow on the waterline.

Above is the full finished look, I wanted to stay pretty natural on the lips (although how fab would a coral colour have looked) I just used a brown/nude lipstick ('Birthday Suit' by Rimmel) and added bronzed cheeks, The mascara I AM LOVING! It seriously is my new love......and it is 'Clinique High Impact' I think it's the same one they gave away with Glamour magazine a few month back but I got mine as a sample from my friend who worked at clinique ages ago I just never used it until I found it the other day in with some other old make up, and it seriously puts my old favourite 'l'oreal telescopic to shame, I used telescopic the other day after I found this again and my eyes felt naked! I think this is around £15 full price and I definatley will be purchasing it I just wish I had bought Glamour mag now!

I teamed my khaki jumper with one of my fave pairs of flats (Primark bargains aaaaaaaaaaages ago) and my all time fave handbag which is this beige Fiorelli studded one this is a couple of years old now but I still love it, it's so versatile and not too big not too small LOL

And also not forgetting my big blingy earrings these feel so lightweight unlike alot of big earrings and bigger the better in earrings haha, my nail polish is Barry M 'Mint' which A) Doesn't look like turqouise in real life like it does in the pic & B) So doesn't go with this outfit but oh well crap happens ha ha!

I had a fab day theres no-one I love shopping with more than my mum,  The boy gets too bored looking at girlie things haha but my mum is perfect for it! Im very tired now waiting for the only way is essex to come on TV and I think I am going to write up a post to schedule for tomorrow....

Hope you have all had great weekends/bank holidays :)

Vikki xoxox


  1. i have those flats! <3 primark for pumps, so comfy and cheap xx

  2. @jessica I know I dont know what I did before primark haha xx

  3. thats awesome, love your blog :DD

  4. Love the green liner!!! gorgeous :))

  5. Very pretty Vikki!
    Love this look on you... And LOVING your flats :)


  6. awesome!!!!! love the earings pumps and bag! and you look stunning!


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